No players in German National Team


Oct 25, 2005
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Can anyone tell me why the German National Team is empty??
Is there any way of editing it? I tried and its not working.
I could have done it wrongly. Please many thanks.
SI do not have the rights to the German National team therefore cannot include it.

They also dont have the rights to use Oliver Khans name hence Bayern having Jens Mustermann in goals.
Nah Kris,it was the same on 05. There will soon be an update to change it though
theres prob one right now. Last time all you had to do was delte or modify a file.
I downloaded the data update.
I manage to change the competition names.
Also manage to change Olivier Khan's name.
But i just can't change the unique id for nations.
i think it was same with previous FM2005 right? just delete brussels.lnc、fake.lnc、france.lnc & nleague.lnc inside [data \ db \ lnc \ all \]
youre best just downloading a patch to get rid of it, try Susie