No Premier money at start of season


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Jan 28, 2006
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Just got Wolves promoted and the 'given £13,750,000 tv rights message came up. But I aint got the ****** money??!! It aint in my finances, this happened to anyone else?
Course it means if I spend me transfer budget I'll go in the red :mad:
Better not have to start again, that would **** me right off........
The money may have got rid of a debt you already have?

You will have to start again? :S
Got no debts. Balance just stayed as it was. Was gonna start again in case it was a bug and Ive been robbed of £13mil
Money must have gone into somehing else :D just carry on.
You sure it didn't pay off any loans?
Sky decided Wolves were too boring to watch and decided not to show any of there games which means you were no longer entitled to your 13m :p
it's only a game, deal without the money, whole idea of been a manager working round finances!! (as one bit)
Im getting about £1.3m a month in TV revenue, so looks like you get the £13m over the length of the season
Your right i had a 16m debt with Juventus and i did not get my 27m tv money but my debt is going down every month
Yea I started off the Prem season in the red after spending the £6m transfer budget i got, but in November Im just about back in the black. Should finish the season with about £6m.
Would've thought SI would've mentioned this somewhere coz I thought it was a bug.
And I aint ****** off about it now.