Jul 26, 2010
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on my game all my regens have blank faces so why and when i go to preferences it wont let me select generated faces does any1 know why?
Are you sure they're regens? Can we see a screenie of one of them please?
for some reason it wont let me put attchments on but it is defo a regen as he is 16 in the year 2015 and came through my youth recruitment
i have the same problem and the option for show "real and generated pictures" i chose it and still regen pictures don't show why?? please help
View attachment 120020 this is guy is 15 and am in 2015 soo for sure he is a regen
View attachment 120019 as you can see show REAL AND GENERATED pictures

soo please help
There's an option that says 'Use generated faces', or something to that effect that you can tick when your starting your game. If you want them you'll have to start a new game. Besides, they're all fugly.
thanks for reply .. but that option ( show real and generated pictures ) is already selected and still cant see regen faces
my problem was that not even the outline came up and i couldnt click show real and generated pictures ur problem i had a few years ago its to do with the performance of your computer the more GB ram the better or you will have to play with a few less leagues