Nobody wants my Loan-listed players!


Jan 26, 2010
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Hi guys,

How come it is so hard to loan out players! I am managing Liverpool and I put Pacheco, Kelly, Cairney (who I bought), Babel, all on loan, offer them to clubs, and nobody ever wants them.

So I decrease the fees down to below 100k, sometimes even 0, and still i get the message "As things stand, no club feels a deal for ____ is viable".

Is this because the clubs already have their squads full? Or what? Because I'm sure if you got offered Ryan Babel for free, and only had to pay 30% of his wages, you'd take it.
Ask the board for an affiliate. That way you can just send players on loan to them.
Boardroom request for affiliates. u'll get money from eack affiliate. my arsenal save have wigan and nottham forest as affilates, plus some other clubs in spain and france.
Yeah what the guys have already said, get an affiliate club and use the squad status button to send them there on loan, you can send 4 season long loans out per affiliated team.