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non-football costs....what are they?


Jun 15, 2010
I am guessing like general maintenance,paying contracts,money for treatment of players and Fan Days


Jul 30, 2010
Non-footballing costs are exactly what it stiuplates in the title. All expenses paid that do not include wages, transfer costs, loan payments, etc.
Loan payments are under a seperate title: "Loan repayments and interest" and yes
that is 220.000 a month cause the management took out a 30m loan to build the 40m stadium. I could live with that IF the new stadium (18.000) was more profitable than the old one (1017 seats). And because of the none-footballing costs going up it isn't.

The none footballing costs are supposed to be "non-football staff costs", but a million a month on that just does not make sense. Even if it's police it's way too much. We could hire our own army from 12m a year.

BTW "Advertising, travel, supplies" fall under the category "Other". So scouting costs are under "other". I have about 13 scouts going all over the world.

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What is the role of the non-football staff ?? Ive edited once and made them very good. the only difference i could tell was that they created alot of those fan-day matches with different promotions. anything else?
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