Feb 15, 2010
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Just started a journeyman below the North/South leagues and my first job is at Nantwich.
Any recommendations on players to sign?
Ok this is my list of some really great free agents that you can sign if you ever decide to manage clubs in Non League...

Ben Drennan, Yvan Wassi, Carl Lawson and James King to mention a few
Good players

Mate Oliver Davies from wales you can buy for free and can potentially become a championship keeper in the future.
Also Danny parish and James Hardy are insane.
Cassian Thomas can be a monster in non league,really great potential...
Danny Haynes (Former Ipswich 'wonderkid' on FM way back in 2008) on a free transfer as an inside forward has been amazing for my Woking side.

Elliot Kebbie on a free (once signed by Atletico for £500k and still only 23!) and Josh Casey who was already there have been superb too.