Mar 18, 2010
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Hi there folks, Long time player, first time poster. :)

I've recently downloaded the FM2011 "Down to Level 11" and installed it correctly, but noticed a problem.

Not sure you're all be familiar with the lower etchelons of English football, but in the Evo-Stik Leagues and those around it, there was different promotion/relegation rules in the edit than in real life. Now I have tried to edit that original file (and other stuff aswell such as player positions etc, ticket prices etc.) but am having a problem with the promotion/playoffs/relegation matters.

I'm currently getting a message when loading the edit file in FM11,
Conflicting number of promoted teams between English Regional Premier Divisions and Ryman Football League Premier Division.
Now I've got it set up on the English Regional Premier Divisions tab as:
Number of Promotion Places : 3 <<I assume this is the total number of automatic promotion places? (1 automatic promotion place x 3 leagues = 3)>>

Number of relegation places : 12 <<I also assume its the total number of automatic relegation places. (4 places x 3 leagues = 12)>>

On each of the Ryman, Zamaretto and Evo-Stik Sub Divisions tab:
Number of Promotion Places : 1
Number of Relegation Places : 4

Also, there are playoffs in each of the leagues. Places 2, 3, 4 and 5 all to play off with 1 extra promoted team at the end of the season along with the Champions.

Can anyone work out why this is happening please? It seems I've tried every option on the ERPDL tab re: promoted teams. I am fast running out of options!!!

Better yet, if I send the file to someone would they tweak it to make it right?
There is a Ryman league bug that they have fixed, and will include in the next update.
Thanks for the insight.

Any idea if there's a way to bypass the rule for now? I don't want to manage in the Ryman league anyway.
Change the promotion/relegation.

Send me your edited file and I will fix if you can't.
Change the promotion/relegation.

Send me your edited file and I will fix if you can't.

Hi again, please send me your email address and I'll send you my edited file. I've lost all patience with it now. Thank you kindly!