Sep 17, 2005
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Ok i was playing fm minding my own buisnez u know and all of a sudden i here a **** off bang from the pc, So i open the disk drive 2 find this...

ohh btw my disk drive is ****** and bits of fm are inside so i wont be online for a while while this is getting fixed.
What a nasty computer. Hope it's not expensive to fix.
awww unlucky mate. FM06 shouldn't cost much to buy now as it's been out for a while but it still sucks you have to buy it again aswell as a new drive :(
Well i contacted the shop where i got the game and the drive isnt covered in the warenty :irked: so £38 for a new drive and the first thing he asked me was 'was it fm06 disk by any chance?' says it has happened a few times before.

I have emailed si and asked for a replacement disk.
Yeh I have seen this before as well, I'm sure SI will give you a free copy.
thats harsh!

if it was just the disk it may have not been too bad - but knacking up your whole pc is ul
Not the whole pc just the disk drive which has now been repaired costing me £39 so im thinking about sending si the bill for this as it was Theregame that did the damage.
Just now, I have ejected the FM06 cd, which had been in my computer for three weeks straight. Maybe you have saved from the same horror. Thank you
SI no longer offer replacemtns, the only people who may are Sega.

/me whispers, wooo no Kris for ahwile
i got my new drive in dummy :p

I might just buy fm again :(
Hey Kris, if you DO get a free copy, could you email me the foto of the broken disc, then i can change the colour of the carpet and say it happened to me too so i can get another copy?
See, me mate wants it but is too ****** cheap to buy one!!
cant you cust save the photo i uploaded :S :rolleyes:
I aint THAT clever.......:p
Well £14 it's costing me for my new copy of fm which isnt to bad :(
Unlucky about having to pay for new disk drive and game, least you have got it fixed.
I wasnt really into fm before it broke but now it's gone im desperate to play it :D
I'm like that too when I sell my old games. In a month I find myself really really wanting to play it :D