Norwich - 1st Season - Summer Transfer Window.


Feb 9, 2012
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Starting budget -

Wage: 320k
Used: 300k

Transfer: 2.8mil

Who should I buy?

Who should I sell?

My aim for this season is to consolidate, with a view to push on next season.
I'm a Norwich Fan and i've had 3 saves with 5 seasons+ on Norwich and a few 1-2 seasons (I can't settle!).

I found getting the murphy twins some tutoring a massive help in their development! Trained right they turn out good premier wingers. I sold Camp in the window and Bunn. Get around 1.5m at the most for these two. Loan out Steer to a league one club if you haven't and do the same with Rudd, or use him as your back up. He does not develop very much. Also, Vaughan I am not a fan of at all! Sell him at the end of the season and try to get Mason Bennett, loan him back out for the rest of the season and then you have yourself a quality youngster who bangs them in. I finished 12th in my first two seasons, I didn't do much else than this except for sacking deadwood etc.

Oh, if you want an instant impact midfielder get Will Hughes! He is amazing and only gets better. If you use AMC use him then, if not then Advanced Playmaker in the centre. He bosses the midfield.