Not been linked to one job so far .


Feb 6, 2013
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I started off unemployed, my status is semi -pro footballer, (always start with this to make the game realistic). Took over at Fleetwood Town with about 6 games to go until end of first season in league two. Was involved in a relegation scrap, managed to keep them up, majority of my team were over 30! absolute shocking team, offloaded all the *****, brought some quality in over the summer.

First full season: Lost in playoff semi final (League Two) changed my tactics, got a bit nervous.

Second season: Won in playoff final (League Two) smashed both teams won comfortably.

Third season: finished in 7th League one) missed out on playoffs on final day, was in playoffs all season.

Fourth season: Automatic promotion (League one) Very tight but quality came through in end.

Fifth Season: Currently mid table in the Championship (Fifteen games gone) get quality in in Jan to finish 10th.

What is wrong with that record, why have I not been linked with any jobs at all?! Seriously the managers being linked with good jobs r just awful, just lower league ***** who have done nothing in the game.
Even when I was on a 10 game unbeaten run still nothing,
If you're continually succeeding with the club you are with. Ie, back to back promotions etc apparently most AI teams will expect you to not want to leave the club. All I'd suggest is if you'd like to leave then keep an eye on what job vacancies there are and apply yourself. You'd probably get most with your record tbh.