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Not sure if Glitch or not - Issue with player transfer listed by request HELP PLEASE


Nov 28, 2009
Hi everyone, not sure if its a glitch or not but hoping someone can help.

So Coutinho wanted to leave for Barcelona and no matter what I done couldn't stop him being unhappy they made a bid which i rejected so he got annoyed about the broken promise but this is where it gets interesting. The offer stayed as shown:
View attachment 119591
As you can see there's no option to accept the offer...the offer isn't in my transfer centre either.
View attachment 119588

To top it all off after the transfer window ended he requested to come off the transfer list which i accepted yet still find myself with this issue and can't offer him a contract or anything.

So does anyone have any recommendations? Should I take over as Barcelona (really don't wanna interfere with the game) and see if the offer is on their side? Is this permanently broken and I'll lose Coutinho at the end of his contract? Any help is appreciated.