Feb 15, 2011
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Hey guys, I was wondering if you could help me out over here. I’m a long time fan of FM, and CM and have owned every version for like…a very long time. I have to admit im really struggling with this new version (with latest patch). I started of the other week by going man city. Really didn’t go to well playing the old 4-4-2. Decided to bail on the game and start a new one.
I have taken over at my home town team, Bradford City in League Two. Ive signed a couple of young English kids, plus tommy mooney as a big target man, a 35 year old Norwegian left winger with serious skills, and some Belgium kid, paco sanchez or something. He’s quite good actually, my best player. I already have some pretty decent players in the team, lee hendrie, tommy dohety etc, and when I look at my team on paper its far superior to any other team in the league. Other teams players are quite **** in comparison, but they always seem to do better than my players.
I play a 4-2-2-2, two CM’s, two wide AM, and two strikers. Direct attacking football down the flanks. My def’s and DMC do not close down, in an attempt to keep a good shape. Everyone else closes down and hassles the opp. I try not to make too many tactical changes so the boys can keep up. I played this formation all the way through my 6 friendlies too!
Basically its not happening for me. In the league I have played 4 and lost 3, drawing 1. I view the matches key highlights, and in every game so far I get to see my team attack prob like twice which a usually pretty lame efforts. Opposition manages to get in behind me or something like that and finish. Even though I have better players, mine are currently unable to create anything even remotely dangerous, the few attempts i have on goals, a three legged horse could do better.
I have switched the tactics to classic because I do not like the shout from touchline feature of the game. I do not watch like 90% of the game, so why would I know what needs shouting? So I always revert to the classic system. Does anyone know if that makes things harder etc??
Anyway any advice would be hugely welcome, I really want to get into this game, but nothing seems to work for me.
Having the same problem too, Playing as Wycombe Wanderers on paper i have one of the best squads in the league but i just cant create chances and i cant score its almost xmas and ive only scored 2 goals , ive tried 4-4-2, 3-5-2,4-5-1 nothing seems to work. I havent played as a lower league team for a while so im just guna keep going and try figure it out.
You have signed many players. Give them time to gel :) and in "match preparation" choose team blend :)