Notts County : Returning the first ever football league club to glory!


Jan 27, 2009
Why oh Why do people still keep trying to take the only thing the mighty magpies are famous for just stop looking for other teams to be the oldest professional league club its notts so be said!!!!! sorry about the rant lol
Apr 8, 2009
Finn, I think its great you are doing well with the Magpies! I have supported them home and away all my life (19 years) & you seem to be doing better than they ever have! I think you should apply!

I have just got my FM 09 (due to work have had no time to get the new one and get addicted to it :p) I always managed Notts and have never done well on FM 09 had to leave at the the end of the 2nd season (jumped before being pushed) Went on a few more teams after a few years won the world cup with nigeria!

I just cant do it with Notts but this year THE PIES will win!
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Dec 17, 2008
Thanks Sean :D
I love the Magpies and I am only too happy to be doing well with them on FM!
I haven't got around to seeing any of their games in my life as I live in Ireland but hopefully I'll be going next season!

May 1, 2009
for a great striker try Reunionese frontman Samuel Leveneur, he has 10 goals in 20 games for my vauxhall team and is better than ***** Robert.
In defence Yankov, Michael Daly, Alan Griffiths ( all can also play DM or CM ) are good as well as Gioavanni Fetissoi

Hope this Helps! :D

check out my Vauxhall season
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Jul 11, 2009
Notts County are recognised as being the first professional football club in the world.

Even as a Derby fan I hold two facts about the teams down Brian Clough Way (the A52).

Juventus wear black and white stripes after copying Notts County

and Arsenal's red and white is because they were given Notts Forests kit for their first season. (An interesting bit of trivia is even up until recently whenever Forest and Arsenal played Arsenal ALWAYS wore their change strip in recognition).

I like sad football facts :)


Feb 16, 2009
Hows it going?

I always do this myself since I live in nottingham, I started my 09 game as oxford united manager and I spent 3 years in the blue square premier league finishing 2nd (losing my playoff final) 9th (had a few players leave, which knocked us back) and finally finished 3rd... Gutted my side, signed in mostly all free transfers and kept the odd few gems I had picked up previously finished 6th in my first year in league two.. (lost the two playoff first legs) and 2nd...

The aim was try to get them into the championship again, although after doing all these seasons my beloved side was being destroyed. So after getting promoted, I resigned straight away and declared interest in notts county. (who already had a manager but was under fire as he finished 21st with them) lol

Now what I do is sign as many players on frees, sell players who aren't worth keeping or who can be replaced. this gives me more of a transfer budget and more of market by wheeling and dealing :p

2021 is my current year and I've been with notts ever since leaving oxford.

1 - Finished 8th
2 - Finished 1st
League One
3 - Finished 11th
4 - Finished 1st
5 - Finished 7th (just missed playoffs by one point)
6 - Finished 4th (won promotion through play-offs
Premier League
7 - 16th (managed to survive, even though I believed my side was mid table worthy)
8 - 6th (started off bad, ended up flying high and was really content as we won the league cup too)
9 - 8th (Started off bad yet again, soon rised back up the leagues.. did well in all the cups too, though after coming second in my group in the uefa cup I lost to barcelona who battered us.. after that we quickly exited all the cups)

This season I've played 26 games, currently sitting nicely on the 5th spot.

My sides mostly english internationals, young (most below 25) and I only have 5 players who are from country's outside the uk..

Hoping to finish within the ufea cup seedings so we can aim higher next season..

Thought I'd share my news, as I did really like reading this...


Jun 25, 2009
good players for Notts co..

Soley DC/MC
Lisembart DRC
Gael Maia Mc
Ruben perez MC
deplanche DL
Stefan Milojevic ML