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Jul 3, 2012
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Hey guys,

even i played fm2011-2012 a lot im quiet new to fm2013, with the loan on nunu sahin back to dortmund. dortmund has an other great option for MC and Sahin really developed great in my game.
unfortunatly he didnt wanted to come back to dortmund after first season, but i could hold him on loan.
in the 2nd season i won the league and CL with him as a major part of my midfielders and im afraid how i could manage to contract him for dortmund again.

its a pitty that i cant talk about him to impress him and stuff, cause for fm he already is my team. real offers me a buyout but he didnt want to come back (even he didnt played a single minute for real the last 2seasons :D ).

any suggestions?

sry for my bad english, im not a native nor a studied guy ;)