Apr 8, 2013
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O Fenômeno

Ronaldo Luís Nazário de Lima, or commonly known as Ronaldo. One of the worlds greatest footballers of all-time, known and loved by fans all over the world. Born 18:th of September 1976 (36 years of age) in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. A young Ronaldo started his footballing career at Tennis Club Valqueire and in 1993 he secured his first professional contract with Brazilian club Cruzeiro, after having been turned down by his boyhood favourite team Flamengo. A only 16-year old Ronaldo made an instant impact at the club which later led to him making the 1994 World Cup(USA) winning squad at the age of 17. Eventhough the young Ronaldo didn't get to represent his country in his first World Cup, this was the beginning of one of the most successful careers of all-time. Ronaldo moved on from Cruzeiro, a club in which he only spent a year of his career, to dutch club PSV Eindhoven. In his first season for the dutch club he managed to score 30 goals, a sign of things to come. The second season at PSV Eindhoven was not as successful as his first with Ronaldo being sidelined for major parts of the season with a serious knee injury. After two years at PSV Eindhoven it was time for the youngster to move on and his next stop was FC Barcelona, where Ronaldo continued to impress with a massive goalscoring record. While playing at Barcelona, Ronaldo managed to pick up FIFA World Player of the year Award(1996) aswell as becoming runner-up for Balon d'Or. Barcelona was yet another short stop and Ronaldo moved on to the Italian outfit Inter Milan, after only a year at the catalan club.

During Ronaldo's five year spell at Inter Milan he continued displaying award winning perfomances, and in 1997 he won his first Balon d'Or award. But yet again a serious injury was about to stop the progress of "The Phenomenon" when he at the 21:st of November 1999 limped of the pitch with a ruptured tendon in his knee. A injury which led to operation and sidelined him for most parts of the coming seasons until the 2002 World Cup. A rehabilitated Ronaldo returned in time for the tournament and was a part of the brazilian World Cup winning squad, just like 8 years earlier at the World Cup(1994) in USA. After the World Cup Real Madrid came asking for the brazilian and he hopped on the chance to play for the newly crowned Champions League winning team. Ronaldo spent four years at the Santiago Bernabéu. Which was the team that Ronaldo represented in most matches aswell scored most goals for dunring his career. An overweight Ronaldo left the spanish outfit and joined his earlier local rivals AC Milan in an attempt to "restart" his playing career. But for a third time Ronaldo's knee didn't hold which sidelined him and later led to him leaving the club as a free transfer at the end of the season. During his recovery from his third knee injury Ronaldo trained with his boyhood favourite team Flamengo, but his feelings for the club wasn't the same as it was for the young Ronaldo, with them having turned him down. So Ronaldo decided to join Flamengo's rivals Corinthians in a controversial deal. Corinthians later proved to be the last club of the Phenomenon, as his body and knees made it hard for Ronaldo to continue doing what he loved. Playing football. A successful career, but one that aswell leaves you asking of what could have been. With Ronaldo being sidelined for major parts of his playing career. Ronaldo is truely on of the worlds greatest footballers of all-time, something that other footballers havent been late to recognize.


1997–2002Inter Milan68(49)
2002–2007Real Madrid127(83)
2007–2008AC Milan20(9)

1993Brazil U177(5)
1996Brazil U238(6)
1994–2006, 2011Brazil98(62

15 of Ronaldo's 62 goals for his country, came when representing Brazil in the World Cup's(1998, 2002 and 2006). Not counting the 1994 World Cup as Ronaldo didn't get the chance to play. As a player Ronaldo made 518 professional matches and scored a whopping 352 goals in these matches. A goalscoring record of a true great.


PSV Eindhoven
Inter Milan
Real Madrid

A long list of trophies which shows what a brilliant footballer "The Phenomenon" was, as if you weren't impressed by "only" his goalscoring record. Ronaldo's list of individual trophies even further confirms this with him having won the Balon d'Or and FIFA World Player of the year award just to mention a few. As his list of individual trophies is so long it would take up the whole side so I recommend you taking a look at it

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Time to say farewell

14:th of February, 2011 | Pressroom of Corinthians | São Paulo |

The pressroom was crowed. Full of journalists from all over the world. The reason? One of the worlds greatest footballers of all-time, Ronaldo, was about to hold an pressconference and everyone knew what he was about to announce. But in the middle of all this everyone was feeling deep within a bit of hope that it was something completely different that was about to be announced. A now 34-year old Ronaldo stepped in to the pressroom of his current club, Corinthians. The media, other footballing legends and whomever had the honour to be present gave "O Fenômeno" a standing ovation. An already emotional Ronaldo greeted the pressroom before he seated. This wasn't any longer the Ronaldo that amazed fans with out of the world performances. No, this was a totally different Ronaldo. An overweight and "wounded" Ronaldo was sitting looking out over the media with a look in his eyes which told the whole story. The injuries the brazilian had suffered during his career had taken a torn on him as a person. But there was something present that changed his mood from time to time. His son Ronald, born in Milan the 6:th of April, 2000. The now 11-year old son of the two times World Cup winning Ronaldo put a smile on his fathers face with his playfullness and bright mood.

Suddenly it was time for Ronaldo to enter the spotlight, yet again, but this time around in an totally different place. Not on the football field as he had done during his career but in a pressroom in São Paulo, Brazil. Ronaldo began talking and it became apparent what he was about to announce. He was talking about his body which was in a very bad shape after having had three major knee surgeries and how this had affected him mentally. He felt that it would be devastating for him in the longhaul to continue playing footballing and being sidelined for the major of the time instead. He repeatedly spoke about the fact that football had made him one of the happiest mans alive and that it would always be apart of his life. But at the age of 34 with his body not functioning as it should, it was about time for him to retire. A very emotional Ronaldo cried during major parts of the pressconference when talking about old memories or about the fact that he wouldn't play professional football anymore. Looking at his son Ronald, full of life sitting right next to him, Ronaldo talked about the other things that life had to offer and his main priority now was to be the best father the he could to his four children. After having finished talking Ronaldo raised from his chair and yet again recieved a standing ovation from the people present. Making one of the all-time greats emotional yet again. With Ronaldo having stated that his main priority at the moment was to be the best father possible, no-one really questioned Ronaldo whether or not he would consider becoming a professional manager in the future. Something that now only time can tell.

Next update: 27:th of June, 2006
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Ronaldo becomes immortal

27:th of June, 2006 | World Cup 2006, Round of 16 Brazil vs. Ghana, Westfalenstadion | Dortmund, Germany |

It was time for the Round of 16 of the 2006 World Cup in Germany. Brazil was about to take on the african nation Ghana, in a match which would decide whom would get the chance to face France in the quarterfinals. 65,000 people was seated in the stands of the enormous stadium(Which back then was refered to as World Cup stadium Dortmund) to enjoy a match of great football. Brazil certainly delievered.

17:00 local time, and it was time for the match to be kicked off. Brazil had a starting lineup containing: Dida:Cafu, Lucio, Juan, Roberto Carlos:Emerson, Ze Roberto, Kaká, Ronaldinho:Adriano and "O Fenômeno" Ronaldo. They were up against a Ghana whom had won two of their three group stage matches against the likes of Czech Republic and the United States and they were fielding a strong lineup aswell: Kingson:paintsil, Mensah, Shillah, Pappoe:Muntari, Appiah, Addo, Dramani:Amoah and Gyan. The match kicked off and straight away Brazil took commands of the match. Only 5 minutes in and Ronaldo grabbed the first goal of the match, this was his third goal of the tournament. It meant that he topped Gerd Müllers previous record of 14 goals, making the new record of best goalscorer in the history of the World Cup to 15 goals. An incredible achievement by an incredible footballer. But Brazil wasn't finished there Ronaldo's partner in attack Adriano grabbed the second goal of the game in extratime of the first half, with the clock set at 45+1 minutes. Brazil played through the second half and in the 84:th minute midfielder Ze Roberto grabbed the third and final goal of the game securing Brazils spot in the quarterfinals against France. A match which Brazil later lost with 1-0, with France later loosing against Italy in a controversial World Cup Final.

Even though Ronaldo played the whole 90 minutes against France in the quarterfinal. It will surely be the match against Ghana in the Round of 16 that Ronaldo will remember and which people are remembering him for. Ronaldo walked off the field as top goalscorer in the history of the World Cup and one of the best players in the history of the sport. That day at Westfalenstadion Ronaldo became immortal and wrote his name further into the history books. Ronaldo Luís Nazário de Lima, a true great.

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26:th of June, 2012
Nice interesting start mate, be interested where this goes. :). Check my story out when you can. ;)
Nice interesting start mate, be interested where this goes. :). Check my story out when you can. ;)
Thanks mate! It will soon be revealed. Followed your Teddy Sheringham story closely and have been doing that with the Ledley King one aswell, great work :)
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OFFICIAL: Jürgen Klopp sacked and Ronadlo takes charge at Westfalenstadion

A real bomb was dropped earlier today as Borussia Dortmund first announced the sacking of manager Jürgen Klopp and soon after announced that Brazilian footballing legend Ronaldo Luís Nazário de Lima will be taking charge at the Westfalenstadion, with a contract stretching until the end of the season. Ronaldo only this summer finished his UEFA Pro Licence, something that Ronaldo himself has been able to keep hidden from the media to come out. So it was a great shock when Borussia Dortmund decided to let Ronaldo take charge, with the knowledge that one of the football worlds greatest player doesn't have any former managerial experience at all. Eventhough some fans are ecstatic with the appointment of "O Fenômeno", this might turn out to be a major misfire by the german club.

According to the german media, sources close to the "Black-Yellows" says that former manager Jürgen Klopp had a bust-up with the director of football Michael Zorc surrounding Jürgen Klopps earlier statements regarding him wanting to take charge of a bigger club like Chelsea, Real Madrid or Manchester United. This didn't go well with the director and just days after the board had decided to sack the young successful manager. Having won two straight league titles with Borussia Dortmund it was a real shock for many of the fans and upset crowds of fans showed up outside the clubs trainingground earlier today to show their dissatisfaction. With the appointment of none experienced manager Ronaldo, it will be big shoes for the Brazilian to fill in. It's expected that Ronaldo and Borussia Dortmund will hold a pressconference tomorrow morning confirming him as manager aswell as letting the Brazilian himself talk about the new situation.

Next update: Ronaldo presented as new manager of Borussia Dortmund

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OFFICIAL: Borussia Dortmund presents Ronaldo as new manager

Earlier this morning german outfit Borussia Dortmund confirmed Ronaldo as the new manager at the Westfalenstadion. They stood firm and wished Jürgen Klopp the best in the future, but they didn't want to comment about the reason that the two times Bundesliga winning manager left Borussia Dortmund. However they expressed their joy with having a true great as Ronaldo as new manager of the club and they were convinced that Ronaldo would be able to lift Borussia Dortmund to a further dimension. With the Champions League being a main priority in the coming years. The man of the moment Ronaldo had a few words to say about the appointment as new manager of Borussia Dortmund:

" It's an real honour to be sitting here at the pressroom at Westfalenstadion as new manager of Borussia Dortmund. It has been one of Europes best clubs this last few years and a club with a long and successful history. As a player I only have good memories of the Westfalenstadion, as it was here I broke Gerd Müllers record and we qualified for the quarterfinals of the 2006, World Cup. Against France we played at the stadium in Frankfurt, so from this beautiful stadium I only have fond memories. I've seen the passion of the fans several times on the television, but I can't even imagine how great it must be to experience it right there on the field. Borussia Dortmund is an wonderful club and WE have the best fans of all of the world. And I'm very eager to show my worth to the fans and prove to the board that they didn't made a bad decision when trusting in me."

Ronaldo was looking very happy and when asked upon he sounded very excited about the opportunity to coach the german outfit. He took his time and answered all of the questions that the press might be having after the shocking appointment, however he wasn't willing to talk about Jürgen Klopp. A manager whom he thought that he could learn a lot from. On the question whether any transfers would be made he answered that he had one of the best squads in the world and that it would be stupid to change a winning formula referring to Borussia Dortmund winning the Bundesliga two times in a row. He hoped that he could continue in the winning way and aswell provide European experience to his players, making in able to succeed in the Champions League.

Ronaldo will certainly be under a watchful eye from both fans and board in the beginning of the season, and the german Supercup is a great way to start the season of. A win against rivals Bayern München and the doubters will surely be silenced. But until then all that Ronaldo can do is work hard and prepare his squad for the upcoming season.

Next update: Borussia Dortmund

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Borussia Dortmund

Ballspielverein Borussia 09 e.V. Dortmund, or commonly known as Borussia Dortmund, is a German sports club based in the town of Dortmund. Borussia Dortmund play its football in the Bundesliga, the highest division of German club football. The club was founded the 19:th of December, 1909(103 years ago), by seventeen football players from the Dortmund area. "The Black Yellows" is one of the most succesful clubs in the history of German football. Having won Bundesliga eight times, three German Cups, four German Supercups, one UEFA Champions League, one UEFA Cup Winners Cup and one Intercontinental Cup. Since 1974 the Dortmund based club has been playing its football on the Westfalenstadion, or Signal Iduna Park, which is the biggest stadium in Germany. Borussia Dortmund fans is something out of the ordinary, they fill the stadium to its max (80,645) week in and week out and sell around 50,000 season tickets every year. Their fans are known for having the "Südtribüne", which is a standing section for the fans. The section takes about 24,545 Borussia Dortmund fans and provied an extraordinary atmosphere at the home matches. Borussia Dortmund is a club that has a long-standing rivalry with Schalke 04, and the clubs face eachother in a match called Revierderby. The most famous team in German football, Bayern München, is also a rival team and the two teams face eachother in a match called "Der Klassiker" which means "The Classic". Borussia Dortmund is a team known for producing promising talents and possess a youth development of world class.

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Blaise Matuidi
| Age: 25 | Nation: View attachment 330877 | Former club: Paris SG View attachment 330877 | Position: DM | Fee: Loan | Wages: £48,000 | Contract: 2013 |
Jano | Age: 19 | Nation: View attachment 330878 | Former club: Spartak Moscow View attachment 330879 | Position: AM | Fee: Loan | Wages: £5,750 | Contract: 2013 |
Nico Schulz | Age: 19 | Nation: View attachment 330888 | Former club: Hertha BSC View attachment 330888 | Position: LB | Fee: Loan | Wages: £2,900 | Contract: 2013 |


Amini Mustafa | Age: 19 | Nation: View attachment 330891 | New club: Melbourne Victory FC View attachment 330891 | Fee: Loan |
Jonas Hofmann | Age: 20 | Nation: View attachment 330888 | New club: Erfurt View attachment 330888 | Fee: Loan |

Comments: Three players in and two players out as I looked to spend my narrow budget of about £2,9 mil. As I soon realized I didn't have enough funds to bring in any players on fulldeals, I turned to loaning in big talents. The leftback was my main objective, but I struggled to find anyone that would be good enough to compete with my starting leftback, Marcel Schmelzer. So I finalized a deal for promising German leftback Nico Schulz on loan with an option to buy him at the end of the season. Identical deals were made with defensive midfielder Blaise Matuidi and Georgian talent Jano. Matuidi will provide good cover for injuryprone players like Sebastian Kehl and Sven Bender and in Jano we have a great future prospect that can compete for some playingtime when the tougher matches come knocking for us. Out went two young players in Amini Mustafa and Jonas Hofmann. Hofmann is sitting on a contract which will run-out at the end of the season. Can Hofmann convince me to extend his contract further?

Next update:

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- Staff - Tactic 1 - Tactic 2 - Tactic 3

(The pictures means that the player is currently in the starting lineup.)

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(Roman Weidenfeller)


#1. Roman Weidenfeller| Age: 31 | Nation: View attachment 331045 | Contract: 2014 | Wages: £41,500 | Value: £5m. |
#20. Mitchell Langerak| Age: 23 | Nation: View attachment 331046 | Contract: 2016 | Wages: £8,250 | Value: £950,000 |

View attachment 331047
(Lukasz Piszczek)

Right backs:

#25. Patrick Owomoyela| Age: 32 | Nation: View attachment 331045 | Contract: 2013 | Wages: £16,750 | Value: £750,000 |
#26. Lukasz Piszczek| Age: 27 | Nation:
View attachment 331048 | Contract: 2017 | Wages: £67,000 | Value: £11,25m. |

View attachment 331049
(Marcel Schmelzer)

Left backs:

#29. Marcel Schmelzer| Age: 24 | Nation: View attachment 331045 | Contract: 2017 | Wages: £49,500 | Value: £7,25m. |
#45. Nico Schulz| Age: 19 | Nation:
View attachment 331045 | Contract: 2013 | Wages: £2,900 | Value: £160,000 |

View attachment 331050View attachment 331051
(Mats Hummels and Neven Subotic)

Cente backs:

#4. Neven Subotic| Age: 23 | Nation: View attachment 331053 |Contract: 2016 | Wages: £49,500 | Value: £9,25m. |
#15. Mats Hummels| Age: 23 | Nation: View attachment 331045 | Contract: 2017 | Wages: £67,000 | Value: £13,25m. |
#27. Felipe Santana| Age: 26 | Nation: View attachment 331054 | Contract: 2014 | Wages: £20,000 | Value: £5,25m. |
#46. Koray Günter| Age: 17 | Nation: View attachment 331045 | Contract: 2015 | Wages: £5,000 | Value: £325,000 |

View attachment 331055
(Sebastian Kehl)

Defensive midfielders:

#5. Sebastian Kehl| Age: 32 | Nation: View attachment 331045 | Contract: 2013 | Wages: £50,000 | Value: £3,5m. |
#6. Sven Bender| Age: 23 | Nation: View attachment 331045 | Contract: 2017 | Wages: £49,500 | Value: £8m. |
#21. Oliver Kirch| Age: 29 | Nation:
View attachment 331045 | Contract: 2014 | Wages: £13,000 | Value: £2,1m. |
#47. Blaise Matuidi | Age: 25 |Nation: View attachment 331057 |Contract: 2013 | Wages: £48,000 | Value: £3,5m. |

View attachment 331058
(Ilkay Gündogan)

Central midfielders:

#7. Moritz Leitner| Age: 19 | Nation: View attachment 331045 | Contract: 2015 | Wages: £16,750 | Value: £4,9m. |
#8. Ilkay Gündogan | Age: 21 | Nation:
View attachment 331045 | Contract: 2015 | Wages: £30,000 | Value: £11,25m. |
#18. Nuri Sahin | Age: 23 | Nation:
View attachment 331060 |Contract: 2014 | Wages: £84,000 | Value: £9,25m. |

View attachment 331061
(Jakub 'Kuba' Blaszczykowski)

Right wingers:

#16. Jakub 'Kuba' Blaszczykowski
| Age: 26 | Nation:
View attachment 331048 | Contract: 2016 | Wages: £49,500 | Value: £14m. |

View attachment 331062
(Marco Reus)

Left wingers:

#11. Marco Reus| Age: 23 | Nation: View attachment 331045 | Contract: 2017 | Wages: £67,000 | Value: £16,5m. |
#19. Kevin Groskreutz| Age: 23 | Nation: View attachment 331045 | Contract: 2016 | Wages: £49,500 | Value: £8,75m. |

View attachment 331063
(Mario Götze)

Attacking midfielders:

#10. Mario Götze| Age: 20 | Nation:
View attachment 331045 | Contract: 2016 | Wages: £77,000 | Value: £16m. |
#24. Jano| Age: 19 | Nation: View attachment 331064 | Contract: 2013 | Wages: £5,750 | Value: £1,2m. |
#32. Leonardo Bittencourt| Age: 18 | Nation:
View attachment 331045 | Contract: 2016 | Wages: £8,250 | Value: £2,3m. |

View attachment 331065
(Robert Lewandowski)


#9. Robert Lewandowski| Age: 23 |
Nation: View attachment 331048 | Contract: 2014| Wages: £25,000 | Value: £17,75m. |
#23. Julian Schieber| Age: 23 | Nation:
View attachment 331045 | Contract: 2016 | Wages: £21,500 | Value: £5,75m. |

Comments: A strong squad with at least one worldclass player at each position. But the main "problem" with the squad is the fact that it lacks a lot of depth. Would key-players get injured I would have a hard time replacing them, so hopefully that will not happen. I will be hoping to get the most out of players like Mats Hummels, Ilkay Gündogan, Mario Götze, Marco Reus and Robert Lewandowksi. We have some of Germany's most promising players in the squad and I will be trying to keep them at the club for as long as possible. It will be interesting to see what players like Koray Günter, Moritz Leitner and Leonardo Bittencourt can provide to the squad. I like the squad that I possess and I can see us succeeding with the current players, the most important thing is that we play as a team and sort out the tactics, then we will be hard to stop. Robert Lewandowski have a contract expiring in 2014 and he is currently not willing to discuss an extension. So I will be hoping to get the most out of him while I still can.

Next update: Pre-season

Check out the screenshots of the players, squad, staff and tactics! In every post the bolded underlined words will contain a screenshot of some sort! Hope u enjoy this :)