May 6, 2010
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Here's my recent post in the Frustrations thread...

Now I normally understand faults are of my own making (if I'm losing, often it's down to tactics), but it's like my actual save has a glitch. No longer can I score from set-pieces, whereas in previous seasons I scored from corners for fun. Yet I've changed nothing. I also can't score the odd goal from distance, which despite not being a regular occurance before is still notable in absence. It's also now impossible to keep a clean sheet as well, with the opponent scoring the exact goals I can't (set-pieces, wonder goals - one even going straight in from a corner).

Ah'm ****** off.

Edit: Hah, same thing again. 4-0 up against Queen of the South (none coming from distance or set-pieces) and they shoot from the half-way line and it goes in. Their only shot on target.

Now playing against Sevilla I've discovered why I can no longer score from set-pieces. Just like every single long shot seems to be saved by the goalie, he also has supernatural powers when it comes to set-pieces.

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Ball heading in from a header, only for it to glitch into the keeper's hands. As for other game oddities, it reminds me every two days that a stand has been closed in Queen of the South's ground reducing their capacity to 0. Anyone else suffering from similar?
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So am I completely alone in this problem?

It's pretty demoralising knowing every attacking free-kick and corner is going to lead to possession for the other side.
i've not got the same problem as you but if i turn goal replays on and i'm not watching the game when the replay starts the players look like they are doing a prayer where they kneel down and then raise their arms up and down with their upper body, normally whilst running at full pace either with or without the ball.