Offering players contracts, am i the only one?


Mar 26, 2013
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Ive noticed this a lot and want to know if im the only one

Sometimes when im offering a player a contract he will ask for say 80,000 and he wont listen to much less, contract talks break down cause i want to offer a lot less but at the same time other teams are talking to him and he then signs for another team for about 20,000

ill give you an example, i wanted to sign van persie on free, he wanted 120,000 from me, he ended up signing for another team for 15,000 and i couldnt get anywhere near that

it happens a lot to me and i wanted to see if it happened to anyone else?
Yup, tried to sign Beckham at Chelsea to be more of a role model for the youngsters and he wanted 140k and key player. I check where he ended up and it was at some League 1 team on 2.5k.
If your reputation is that of lets say Manchester United ofcourse he will ask more money because you can pay that. If a team like swansea would ofer him a contract he would ask for less, i started lower league in Segunda division b and got del horno there for 1kpw and when i got him as a back up player on my ajax save he asked a min of 5k... This is just from my experience, could be different