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Sep 17, 2005
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Ok this is the real deal, As usual Sean was to lazy to start the thread so here i go again hambling on about Network Games.Anyone Can Apply but there will be a few requirements.

1.Broadband Connection
(The Higher the better really)
2.Official FM 6.0.3 Patch is needed
(this is what most people will have and since im hosting you go by my rules:p )
3.All Programs apart from FM and IRC must be closed when playing the net game
(This is to ensure we run at a decent speed when playing)

The Game will be in the English Premier League and when you apply if you could fill in your details like the following example


Name: Kris Jackson
Free Days/Nights: Most Days and Wed,Thurs,Fri,Sat,Sun night
Broadband Connection: 2mg
Club Application:Blackburn

Chosen Clubs

Aston Villa-
Man City-Robbo
Man Utd-
Portsmouth-Barca Boy
West Brom-Gregor
West Ham-Southy

The Game has now started.
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Name: Sean Taylor
Free Days/Nights: All weeknights from 8pm. Free on weekends.
Broadband Connection: 2mb
Club Application: Fulham
Name: Ian Whittingham
Free Days/Nights: USUALLY Sunday's, Tuesday and Thursday nights
Broadband Connection: 1mg
Club Application: Tottenham Hotspur
Name: Trav
Free Days/Nights: Monday,tuesday,wednesday,saturday and sunday from 8.30pm
Broadband Connection: 2mg
Club Application:Man utd
Name: Sam Leggott
Free Days/Nights: Most Weeknights from 5 except thursdays
Broadband Connection: 2mg
Club Application: Boro
Name: Abdul Ali
Free Days/Nights Monday:Tue,wed,thurs,fri,sat,sun (only nights fri n sat)
Network Speed : 2mb to 4 mb
Club Application: Aston Villa
Name: Martin Smith
Free Days/Nights: Most days may miss some of the weekend due to football matchs and training but free in the evenings on all days
Network Speed: 2mb i think its quick whatever it is
Club Application: Portsmouth
Name : Robbie Southall
Free Days/Nights: Most days from 8pm
Broadband Connection: 2.2mb
Club Application: West Ham
Name: Darren Sykes
Free Days/Nights: most nights
Broadband Connection: 1.5mg
Club Application: bolton,
Well thanks for the huge response so far, People i know will be commited and regular forum members have been accepted.

As for those who are not rugular i will consider your apps i just need to know that your going to be commited.
:mad: i had a feeling u were gonna say that kris . Too bad but come on , i've been a regular for da past few weeks.
I will be committed to this because I like seeing how well i do against other people I'll probably be on here a lot more often now.
I should be getting broadband this week (hopefully), Im just waiting on it being delivered. When I get it I’ll put my name in.
:) Ok Southy and pelican your both on the list, Hope you stay true to your word.

check out this thread

Get Irc and get on the base room because thats where we will be chatting during the game.

Ant thats fine just pick your team just now and you can join when your ready.
Name: Anthony McManus
Free Days/Nights: most nights, all of thur,fri but on every other Sat or Sun im at football matchs.
Broadband Connection:
Club Application: Liverpool
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If the game is starting next week im afraid that i wont be available seen i hav sats exams (mon-thurs) in interest im only 14 you know and im sure ill be whooping some *** when it begins. :p :p
I think it will start on Weekends and once schools/collage exams etc finish we will hit weekdays.
Yeah so have I and thanks for putting it on the weekends until they're over.
Name: - Tom Berry
Free days/nights: - After 8 on - WED, THURS, SAT & SUN
Broadband speed: - 1.1 mg
Team application: - Arsenal
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