Old School Kits


Jan 31, 2011
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I have created an old 1990's Man Utd side but i aint got a clue how to create the old school kits

Can anyone help?

Home kit - 92/94 (Red Laced)

Away Kit - 92/93 ( Green and Yellow laced - Newton Heath style)

3rd Kit - 93/94 (Black with gold trim)

Any help would be hugely appreciated!!
Hope these are okay?

do u know what to input them on the game?
alrite give me about a 30-40 mins and i should have it done
Could you make them available to download mate?
absolute quality mate!!

how do i insert them onto the game do you know? sorry im pretty useless at all this
you need a config give me a minute and i will upload the kits and a config in a zip file
ok mate, just to let you know though its not the original united its a custom team i made does that make a difference?
well id assume others want it as original united anyway so i uploaded that for them
But if you give the unique id for yous i will do the config
if i have time i want to make 3d versions for the game engine so the will appear in matches
and then i will put it up fo download
awesome mate! cheers for that! your a genius!

posted an image looks brilliant!!
these ones do appear in the matches i just had a look now!