Old Trafford On Fire


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Sep 16, 2005
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<tr><td>The fire brigade were called to deal with a small fire at Old Trafford on Wednesday.

Manchester United's home ground, due to stage Good Friday's Premiership match with Sunderland, suffered a minor blaze in the North East quadrant.

The area is one of the new sections in the famous stadium as United continue to increase their capacity and set record figures for attendances this season.

"At 12.01pm, the fire service received one call to a fire at the rear of the terrace at Manchester United Football Club on Sir Matt Busby Way, Old Trafford," revealed a Manchester Fire Service spokeswoman.

"It was an area of the terrace which was currently a construction site."

The flames were extinguished within 40 minutes and the matter was dealt with swiftly.</td><td><img src = "http://images.skysports.com/images/playerpics05_06/Premiership/ManUtd/oldtrafford-burn.jpg"</td></tr>

do u recon glazer was trying and insurance job:) ?
Good to hear it wasn't a big fire. So hopefully not much damage has been done.
heard about this on skysports news not real damage was done
that pic was also shown on it.
****! Good job nobody was injured.
Good job there wasn't too much damage. Probably been some dumb worker having a cigarette :rolleyes: