May 30, 2010
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Hello there,

This isn't so much as help thread as it is a matter of clarification. I'm currently managing QPR in 2017 and my regen, who was born in London but started his career in Empoli, is eligible to play for Italy but not England. What is more, he doesn't have Great Britain nationality at all. It's not a big concern to me because I don't manage a country but clarification might help for those who do.

As far as I know, players, and people in general, under certain conditions, allowed to have dual english and italian citizenship, so is this a bug or simply a matter of my player renouncing his english nationality?

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Thanks for reading.
It doesn't look like a bug to me. People get born in foreign countries, but does not necessarily receive citizenship if their parents do not live in the country or only works in the country for a short amount of time. His name is a bit unusual for an Italian though, as I believe that no Italian people have the surname "Marshall".