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One Foot In The Grave


Sep 17, 2005
Hello and welcome to my second attempt at starting a story for FM12. The last one didn't kick off due to a lack of enthusiasm for the FM side of the story, which is always the focal point in my stories and how I build on the story.

So I have decided to start my first long term save for a while & have decided to try and take a club from Level 14 in England up to the Premier League and beyond. Will I last? Doubtful but am going to give it a go and hopefully produce a decent story along the way.

I've decided to adapt a different style with this story, which you will see in due course and as always I appreciate all kinds of feedback and spelling, grammatical mistakes being pointed out.

Again, sorry about the terrible title, they clearly are not my strong suite.

Hope you enjoy it.


‘Australia?’ Oliver Anderson bemusedly blurted.

‘Australia.’ Rob Noble confirmed.

‘When?’ Anderson demanded, still perplexed by the news his manager had just given him. So much for a quiet Sunday with the wife he thought.

‘Six weeks. Jo and the kids will join me a fortnight past, after I get settled and all that.’

‘****** ****! Just like that?’

‘Just like that’ Noble replied firmly. ‘I’ve got a **** of an opportunity here Oliver! My own practise!’

‘Aye that you do, and left t' club without a gaffer and me without a doctor! what about Jo? And the littl’uns? What do they have to say about it all?’ Anderson asked, pretending not to notice Mrs Anderson’s stare and foot taping.

‘Abby is excited and Jeffrey wants a pet kangaroo!’ he chuckled with Glee.

‘and Jo?’ Oliver asked.

‘….Jo…Jo’s tense. We always talked of travelling the world, seeing new sights and experiencing different cultures, but then Abby happened and our plans changed. That was over nine years ago! she is settled, she… She’s anxious but she’ll come around’ he replied reluctantly.

'You planning on taking another footba-soccer job down under then? heh heh Try not to f*** them up as bad as ye have us! heh heh heh' Anderson complained

‘aye well, town won’t be t’ same without ya’
Anderson stated. ‘And what am I supposed to do now, eh? Give Andy T’ job?’

‘Andy’s no gaffer! him and Jim are just happy to help out, neither of them have any real knowledge or tactical awareness’ Rob answered tentatively.

Oliver Anderson let out an all-powerful thunderous groan. ‘So….what? I put ad in t’ paper for new gaffer?’

‘Well….I…’ Noble hesitantly replied.

‘I might know someone that might be interested. I play 5’s with a young lad, has some of those UEFA licenses and all that. Takes one of the under 18 sides, Dynamo Morley I think….Anyway, the lad’s terrible at football! His head tells him one thing and body another, has the knowledge but lacks any kind of ability, shame really. It’s his knowledge of the game that impresses me! Turns up at games every other week when Leeds aren’t at home and is constantly belting instructions at the lads.

First I thought he was on the wind up, telling me to play Matty on left instead of right when he can barely walk on his left foot and Andrew in behind big Dave up top.’

‘Best of a bad bunch last year them two!’ Anderson stated.

‘Exactly. That was his advise. The lad might be worth a shot…only...’

‘Only what? He been in t’ jail or summit? Heh heh heh’ Anderson chuckled.

‘NO! Of course not, nothing like that, he’s…well…twenty three, just a lad but h-’ Noble tried to finish but was cut off.

‘****, I was running shop by his age ‘un look at me now, eh? Heh heh heh! Anderson declared. ‘Tell ye what, let’s bring him in and I’ll see what the lad has t’ say. What’s his name? What he do fur a living?’

‘Freddy Angel, his father is…was Spanish, lad moved back home a year or so ago with his mother after he died. She’s from Bradford originally.’ He’s working as a Grave digger for old Jo Ridgley’ Noble confirmed.

‘A Gra-grave digger? Christ Rob, what a mess yer leaving me in ere’ Anderson roared. ‘ I have to go, wife’s been staring at t’ compost and shovels and giving me that murderous look o her's’

Oliver Anderson hung up the phone with an almighty sigh and looked up to a very unhappy Mrs Anderson with a look of thunder. Might be I’ll be seeing that gravedigger sooner than I’d like, he reflected as she started complaining.

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Nice Guy Gramps
Oct 23, 2009
Level 14? Interesting. Good luck. Doing level 10 myself and it was quite a shock with what I had to work with lol.

Intruiging start. Will be watching this with interest


Complete Legend
Dec 11, 2009
Good start mate, hopefully this story will have more legs than the last but level 14 is quite a challenge. I'm liking the back story too, sounds quite realistic. Good luck with it, the writing style is at it's usual high standard, so i'll be following