Nov 2, 2012
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Hi guys, I will be doing a story with 5 continental leagues and one World Champions League. I tried to add Oceania in but it didnt work out with me, anyways I will start off with a team in the lowest division of Europe/Asia/Americas/Africa and take one team up to the top, after I take one team I will most likely move on to a team in another continent but in the lowest league too. This will make it more challenging, as moving from e.g. a lower league club in South America, taking them up to the top, and then going to Barcelona. It would be too easy.

Next update in a few minutes. hope you guys enjoy! :D

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JAMIE REDKNAPP: "Today, we have a surprising announcement that will change the world of Association Football! UEFA, CONMEBOL, CONCACAF, AFC, and CAF have all been planning to create a league system including all clubs from different leagues in their specific continent. FIFA-organized tournaments will remain the same, but club football has taken a big step to make the footballing world closer."

"Will the football fans be happy about this? I dont know but let's give all the details about the tournaments and competitions."

"We start off in Europe: 12 divisions, 4 cup competitions, one FA Cup and one Super Cup competition."
"South America: 6 divisions, 2 cup competitions, one FA Cup and Super Cup."
"North America: 4 divisions, 2 cup competitions, one FA Cup and Super Cup."
4 divisions, 2 cup competitions, one FA Cup and Super Cup."
"and finally, Asia: 6 divisions, 2 cup competitions, one FA Cup and Super Cup."

"A world Champions League will drawn in a month and a half, consisting of 32 teams from the 5 continents. Let's see what will happen with this new football format, this is Jamie Redknapp on Sky Sports News, see you guys later."

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"Dalian Shide Football Club have signed the unknown Lebanese-Australian Manager; Hamoudi Fayad!
They were disbanded after the end of last season, but as they applied to enter the worst division in Asia they got alot of money, and their future balance looks good too. Will Hamoudi take them to the top of Asia?"

New Dalian Shide Manager Hamoudi Fayads Speaks out for the First Time

Eurosport: "Hamoudi, you are a new manager here in Asia. We do not know much about your past, could you tell us what got you into football?"

Hamoudi: "Yes, now see I used to play Sunday League Football in the Governorate Divisions in Lebanon when I was around 16, a few years later I moved to Australia and played football there too, unfortunately I got injured when I was 22 and I have been training to become a manager since then. I turn 26 next month and I hope to have a successful career here and I am pleased the chairman has trusted me with this position."

"My goal is to get Dalian Shide to the top division of Asia and get them into the World Champions League!"

"Thats all I have for now, as the club needs help right now and our squad only consists of 15 players, see you soon."
Anyways, back to my view point, this club has many 4/5-star players, but I don't know if that matters in a created league with teams from different countries so I looked at their stats and some of these players look quite good, my best player being Chi Xiaobo.
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And here is an overview of the club and their honours.

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Their finances.
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Their squad.
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Friendlies, Transfers, Cup Draw and more.

So I had to bring in alot of players, i had a good squad but they were only 15 players and I have brought in around 7 and only sold 1 player. I got 2 new strikers since I had no strikers at all, and I brought in a few other players.

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I beat my reserves 7-1 but then lost to lower-league Chinese side Dalian Aerbin 6-0... I let my assistant play that match and it doesnt matter as it was a friendly.
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The AFC Cup is where all the teams in all of the leagues play each other, we got Wellington Phoenix.
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NEXT UPDATE: The rest of August and league games.


#1 - AFC Division 2D vs. Al-Ittihad (SYR)
Our first game in the Asian Division 2D was against Al-Ittihad of Syria.
We were 3-0 up in the first half with new striker Anderson scoring 2 in 4 minutes, although they scored 2 in between the 79th and 82nd minute to give us a scare but we held on.
"We were fantastic throughout the game, they gave us a scare but we held on. This was our first game but there is a long way to go." -Hamoudi Fayad

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#2 - AFC Division 2D vs. Tokyo Metro Feliz
What a game this was, again we almost drew at home to a team we could easily beat so our defence needs improvement...
"A great game for us, although the defence need to be aware of counter attacks!"
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#3 - AFC Cup 1st Round vs. Wellington Phoenix
Totally outclassed here, they were 2 divisions above us and they deserved it.
"I felt like we could have done better, but this is football."
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next up we were in the AFC Tier 2 Championship, where the bottom four divisions play each other, but we start of with the group stages.
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#4 - AFC Tier 2 Championship vs. Sepahan

Bore draw. 0-0.
"Good game to get a clean sheet against a team in Division 2A."