One Mour Season of Lucas: A Sao Paulo Story


Oct 2, 2009
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So, I am finally going to start a story of my own! I've been a member of these forums for years now but only as a spectator mainly (posting the odd reply and thread here and there), and think it's time to get into the action. I've been playing Football Manager since the days of Championship Manager 01/02 but have never really committed to a long term save, so here goes!

I've chosen to manage Sao Paulo as I've seen so many of the same teams being chosen for stories (not that I'm knocking it or anything, especially most Everton stories, they can be very entertaining reads!). I can't recall seeing many stories outside of Europe, and I think this Sao Paulo team of 2012/13 can be a really entertaining challenge, with Lucas Moura leaving the club in January and the legend goalkeeper Ceni nearing 40, replacements will be needed to enter a new generation in the clubs history. I've decided to not go under my own guise, instead opting for a Brazilian legend to start his own managerial career...

Time to fire up the game and get started! Season-opening post to follow, including who the new manager is, pre season (friendlies, ins and outs) and the start of the new Brazilian football season. Hope you follow on and enjoy!
Whilst I'm waiting for the game to load up, I'll state my goals and intentions for this story. My plan is to make Sao Paulo the dominant force in South American football, and predominantly keep my young stars around. Europe is becoming all too aware of the talent that Brazil possesses and especially at SP right now and I want to keep hold of what I have. With Lucas going at the end of the season, it's going to be tough, but I reckon I'll be able to do it if we're successful. I also want to keep my squad mainly Brazilian too, and make sure our fantastic youth system is used to bleed in new players to the first team season in, season out.
Who you playing as? Which Brazilian Legend?
Ive recently started a career as Juninho and its going very well!!
good luck with your season!!