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May 17, 2013
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I started an online game with 3 friends, but I have the problem that mine keeps freezing. Basically I get into the game, look through the news, bid for players etc, then when I click continue it will usually go to the next day. But after that, if I try to continue to the next day again it will just sit there and not do anything (button will still say continue instead of waiting/processing) and I can't go to any other menus. So while it's in its 'freeze', the other guys are just sat there waiting for me. Eventually I have to close the game down and restart it, only for it to freeze in the same way again.

Can't quite understand why it's doing this, I have a very good PC (much better than all of theirs), my internet connection is quite good (never had problems playing online with it before) and I have tried it on my laptop also so I doubt it's a dodgy file as such.

Any ideas?