Feb 19, 2012
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Me and my mate are playing an online game together and the game crashed during our game and we can't agree on how to go forward. The result of the game will effect the title. I will be team a and he will be team b. so we have came on to the forum to let 6 of you guys decided as we feel it is the only fair was to decided. What happend was we where playing when the game crashed the the 70th min I was losing 1-0 at this point with team a. I feel with 20 mins to go I had enough time to win or draw the game my mate with team b feels he should just be awarded the game. So we have decided to come onto the forum to let 6 people decided so anybody who wants a vote make a post and we will have a vote in an hour after we each pick 3 people each to vote what should happen