Online Game?

Mikey B

Feb 22, 2006
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hi just 1drin if any online games wer goin on tht i cld join as i just gt a new laptop which actually works lol. or if the isnt is any1 willing 2 start 1?
yep i would like to start a network game seen as its holidays and all. ;)
im starting a net game, hopefully 2nite, you can play Mkey

go on mirc around 10.30 said you can play Mikey...what about me? :mad:
cheers, i'll try bt cld b a lil bit l8, goin 2 my bro's 2nite so dunno wot time i'll gt in @, btw howd u gt onto MIRC again.,cos i tried 2 gt bk on bt wasnt gettin anywhere lol
kl, nt goin 2 ma bros any more, somthin came up apparantly
Sorry guys but what does Xfire does for the game? If any1 could explain it to me? Thanks ....
well all xfire does is count the amount of hours u play a game for. it also provides chat wich does not slow up the comp as muchas msn
Ah i c.... now i know.. is thre a version of Xfire one should be downloading frm the site? Thanks for the info...

Ok, i have downloaded the file and how do i get the Xfire thingy to be shown on the bottom like you guys are doing? Thnks Sean... Eg, as how show has put the link up for me and the xfire screen below it...


sphinxter why did you send me that private message ?

Plus ... can i join the network game please? You using mIRC?
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