Feb 18, 2009
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Anyone know how to connect people in steam? so they can play together?
Set up a normal game. But before go on online settings and make it joinable with a password (which is optional)
but then, it is not visible on the "join online game" mode
You have to go in "online game settings" and make every career game you make joinable. then the other people search it by name and password
Let me know if you end up making a EPL league, I'd love to join!
i have tried to create a game and in my online setting enables friends to join but i still cant create a game where it is joinable can you give me a step by step please confused :/ if i do create a game joinable it seems to stop all functions of the game for the person joining whilst the person who created the game is free to do what they want
I would be very interested if you can get one set up, add me on steam benhance123
how do you setup a online game as every time me and bro try can never get it work, need help please