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Sep 15, 2005
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I've been playing poker online now for a few years. It is such a fun game wether it's for real or play money.

If you havn't already caught the poker bug then why not sign up for a free account on <a href="" target="_blank">Pacific Poker</a>
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With Pacific Poker, players can enjoy live games of Texas Hold’em and the other popular versions of poker while using the chat feature to communicate with other players from all over the world. In addition to live games, Pacific Poker recently introduced live multi-table tournaments with a wide variety of buy-in fees and guaranteed huge prizes.

So why not sign up for a <a href="" target="_blank">free account now!</a>
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Then if you do feel like it, why don't you create a real money account. You will recieve a free 25% bonus of however much you deposit.

To play, simply download the program and you can create a new account once it has downloaded.

If your not sure about playing for money then don't worry as if you use a credit/debit card then their is a minimum deposit of $20 (about £11). So you won't exactly be breaking the bank and you will also be able to withdraw it out of your account whenever you want.
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Yeh but to play, you have to deposit money so its not entirely free, unless, you want to give us back some of the $80 you make if we sign up of course then we can put that in as a deposit ! :)

and playing with play money is sooo lame.
Using play money is only as good as you make it. If you treat it like it's a mess on then you won't find it fun. But if you take it slightly seriously then you will enjoy it and be rewarded. There are also plenty of play money tournaments to take part in.
I am on the Bet 365 poker server which i have been signed upto for about a year but i havent played in a long time
I used to play party poker but I got bored of it and switched to Pacific.
Thanks too who? :p

I play,obviously, and it is great fun (if you win money :D ) If you set up a real money account on Pacific, say [email protected] recommended you :rolleyes: