Dec 30, 2009
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Hi. I used to play in a clan on FM but i got really fed up with network issues/crashes/kicks.
I was playing with my pc on FM12 and had no problems but then that went up the swanny and I had to start using laptop.... It still runs fine offline and the laptop is half decent. But when I play online, I have no end of problems, from simple crashes to connection cutting me off. There has been numerous times when I was playing a game and half way through I lose control of my team. This happens mostly before a game but I managed to fix most of the problems by having assistant do teamtalks.

I finally gave up when i had a 3 game run of winning easily until either ht or 70odd mins when it cut me off an then come bk to be unable to control my team and my team kept losing because of it.

I am planning on returning to the clan but could someone give me some pointers on how to stop this consistantly happening or give me some explanation. These are the things I already do:

Re-set router before I play
Clear cache
Assistant does teamtalks