Nov 1, 2012
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Am just wondering as to what people prefer doing :

  1. Build a squad of superstars and spend crazy amounts of money
  2. Build a team of hard working professionals and buy young talent and nurture them into a young dominant side , keeping the club's finance in profit at the same time

I prefer to take approach 2 as I get no satisfaction from doing approach 1.
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Tend to go for a mixture, a sqaud with a couple of superstars and a couple of older players to use as tutors. Then try to bring through youth while having a few average "sqaud players"
I like to bring players through the youths having fun with it :D
it all depends on the team you start with

you cannot use approach 1 as QPR in your first season

I use no2 though!
I try to use the dortmund blueprint. I try to get good youth product in and get them tutored by my first team so they can play like the rest of the squad. Players with good determination is another big factor for me.
I try to use the dortmund blueprint. I try to get good youth product in and get them tutored by my first team so they can play like the rest of the squad. Players with good determination is another big factor for me.

determination is key in my players! easiest stat to tutor as well! my squad is always determined
determination is key in my players! easiest stat to tutor as well! my squad is always determined

Couldn't agree more, I always have a strong first 11 with very high determination stats, and get the stars to tutor the wonderkids that will take their jobs in a matter of years. All the while keeping the wonderkids on as small wages as possible, and selling the stars just as they leave their prime.

I'm very much "Approach 2," all about slashing the wage budget and boosting the bank balance. Yet I can't ever seem to bring myself to spend these imaginary millions :p
I'm all about #2 - but in this years FM it's gotten almost impossible to do that for a non-high-rep club. And as I'm not a fan of rushing through seasons it takes ages to get a decent mid-rep club (= "high"-rep club of a mid-rep division, not talking about the likes of IMO overrated Championship clubs) to a competetive international level.
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It's very simple really:

It's about the phylosophy that you want a team to play with, and whether the players in the squad have the abilities to play with that phylosophy.

If the players have the right abilities then you focus on squad additions and youth if you want.

If the players don't have the abilities for the phylosophy you want to instill in the team, you then either have to buy in new players who have those abilities or accept that you need to play with a different phylosophy.
I've done a mixture of both. I've spent big on players like Powell and Labyad as wednesday but then signed some real gems like Cosic and Raphael both on a free. This has lead me to get top 4.
I will only buy superstar who are on a really discounted price or free transfer, else I will just stick to grooming young talent :) It is fun grooming them up XD find so much joy when I see my youngsters breaking into their national team. It makes me feel like this is it... The moment I have been waiting for :) to see them succeed :) Sometimes I even put my title chances at risk just to let them have first team appearance :) But it is so worth it!!!! :D
I think the best approach is always to build from a youth base if possible but being from a lower league team, when I have had the cash I am not able to purchase the million pound possibility, I need the near finished product.

I guess the question comes back to, if money is not an option, what do you do? Or at best if you are lucky enough to have excellent youth facilities in place or a board to pursue that goal would you keep your potentials or sell for experience?
Option 1 when I'm taking a club up through the leagues. Option 2 when I get to the point where I can actually get players good enough to be in my top division squad.
Option 1.....option 2.....

Nah. Just go with terrible stereotypes.

Step one: Get a German. You won't win anything without a stereotypical German in your squad: efficient, organised, a hint of arrogance. If you're playing in Germany then move straight onto step two.

Step two: Get at least one player with flair and creative talent from either Italy, Spain, Portugal, France or Holland. If you can get 3 or 4, but spread out what nations they come from.

Step three: Get an Asian star to sell shirts. If they have the reputation to sell shirts they likely will be good enough to play for you. If possible make it a Chinese player as they are going to rule the world.

Step four: Don't get an American. This is crucial; they don't understand the game, they believe they can use the English language but in fact will create more mis-communication within the squad rather than fitting right in.

Step five: Ignore all of this, I'm procrastinating heavily.

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Determination, Teamwork and Work Rate are the three general stats I look for in building a squad, much it seems like everyone else here :p
I'd say one of the most useful things to do is every late December/January always check religiously the players who are going to be out of a contract in 6 months; this will save you untold amounts of money bringing in stars. Can't overstate how important free transfers are when bagging the big stars, or even filling out backup players without having to spend £10 million.
This also works because you can obtain better players since you take the transfer money you would have spent and throw it into wages, allowing you to get the bigger players since they won't need to take such a wage cut to join you (should you be a rising club); or in some circumstances you can offer similar/better money than they were on to convince them its a good move.

Also, I apologise for nothing.
I try to buy young players with good mental attributes. But ocassionally if I have a lot of money and only need to strengthen one or two positions, I'll spend whatever necessary.

Like in my Southampton save, I was missing that extra bit of creativity in central midfield, so bought Jack Wilshere for 35 mill:)

Here is my team (Luke Shaw, Doumbia and Crisetig + a couple of regens are cut off the picture at the bottom):

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I use ferguson philosophy...dont buy already made players, make them yourself! ;)

Most important attributes for me:

Determination, Composure, Concentration, Decisions, Teamwork, Workrate.
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I'd have to agree with clince.

It all depends who you are. I think you have to have a bit of both to achieve things that you want to achieve. It's ok have youths but you need the quality to push things forward towards either winning the league winning cups or staying in the league.
2. i like to make loads of profit then buy tons of ****