Feb 20, 2010
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what instruction do you give to your players to face a player on a certain position?

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please, I need your suggestions as I still can't find a good formula for this

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Right ill help you out , what i do is for the strikers i have tight marking always and close down always, Gk close down and the RM , LM ( wingers ) Tight marking and Cm's Close down it works for me so but i thought i would give you a rough answer!
okay with this year i usually just let my *** man do the work. but generally what they tell me to do in pre match meetings he doesnt seem to do when you ask him. so instead i find if i can be bothered is with strikers obv tight marking and send to weaker foot. with wingers its up to you usually closing down is good for them, if you play narrow then can be more useful to send them inside so LM put onto right foot. although if their known for scoring with their right then just put weaker foot. i found this worked a charm for me in older fms when i didnt have a proper wide midfielder but doesn't seem to bad on this one either
I set closing down, tight marking, hard tackling and pushed onto their weaker foot from the strikers to the central midfielders.