Dec 13, 2006
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Check him out! absolute gem...can get him for around 5 million
I just paid £65,000,000 for him... because I can. :)
Not worth what I paid but I needed someone who was better than Reina. :)

Looks good in your game, ive got him on mine but he's still young.
Started an Auxerre game and i just overlooked him...oppps
Also spent another £10m on some regen wonderkid goalkeeper that season aswell. :D

So far this season Ustari has played 33, conceeded 23, and kept 15 clean sheets. He's actually played well, has a habbit of conceeding goals in games where I only have one or two shots against me though.
Ustari - greatest goalie

I've recently signed Ustari from Getafe. He is incredible for leeds. In 10 games he was 6 times man of the mach. 8,64 is his rating.
yeah hes good for leeds but have you tried him in the higher divisions?
I am in my 4th season with leeds, curently playing in Premier League. I've tried many goalkeepers, but Ustari is very very good. He came for 5,5 mil from getafe, but he is woth every peny. After 15 games in premier league he has the bigest rating (8,67), adebayor is second and Fabregas is third....
his stats are awful in my game...i got him for 2m as back up tho :p
his stats aren't great, but give him a chance, he won't let u down.
His attributes are awesome! I found when i had great keepers in FM2008 (e.g. Lloris)they didnt perform any better than my average keepers(quim)... ****** annoying!

But in FM 2009 I played against Cech, it was like playing against a wall... seems like spending on a good keeper is worth it... I have Ustari in mind but at 6' foot he's too short... do you think height matters much in FM 2009? For me a Prem keeper should be at least 6'2. Cheers!