Oscars Picture Quiz


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Sep 15, 2005
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Sky have made a Oscars Picture Quiz.

The picture includes 37 Oscar Winners for Best Picture. So lets see how many you can name. Also if you do have a guess please say which part of the picture relates to the movie.
Here are mine:

First Go
1) Casablanca - Rick's Bar.
2) Million Dollar Baby - The Baby with $1m price tag.
3) Braveheart - The tattoo on the womans arm.
4) Silence Of The Lambs - The sheep with shhhhhhh
5) Dances With Wolves - Woman dancing with the wolves
6) Chicago - Welcome to Windy City sign.
7) Kramer vs. Kramer - Tug o' war people.
8) Midnight Cowboy - The cowboy under the clock
9) The French Connection - **** on wall
10) Rocky - The pile of rocks.
11) The Deer Hunter - The man hunting a deer
12) The English Patient - Man on crutches
13) Chariots Of Fire - The chariot on fire
14) West Side Story The building on the left with Westside written on.
15) Gone With The Wind - Man with the umbrella being blown away.
Second Go
16) One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest - The wings going over the nest.
17) Tom Jones - Erm Tom Jones is stood in the doorway :)
Anyway there is my guesses obviously some may be wrong but 15 aint bad for a first look :)
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Schindlers List - The wee girl in the red coat

Ill edit as I find more
I'm hopeless at these but are there any more on the web?
Didn't see this thread before might give it a go!