Other clubs never buy my players what should i do?


Mar 17, 2010
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Other clubs never buy my players what should i do? Want to get rid of a few regens that i bought in on a free to make a little bit of a profit off them there values are 2.3 and 2.7 respectively not good enough to get anywhere near my first team but literally having to offer them as low as 1 million to get even a bid in. This is not the turn around of profit i was looking for any tips?
For the most money from selling players they need game time.
No one is willing to pay 10mil for someone who struggles to sit on the bench and never plays, but they might for someone who got 20 or so appearances last season.

It's a little backwards but the best way to sell players you don't want/need is to use them fairly often.
Have you tried adding them to the Unwanted List? I had the same problem before, but i found that adding them to this list helps in getting rid of players easier. I always use sell for value, if that doesn't work, keep them or sell them cheap.
Cheers for the tips i will have a try and see what i can achieve!!!