Sep 24, 2021
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Hello there.

I'm coming off the back of a longish hiatus from playing fm. Haven't played since fm 2019. So, I grabbed my copy of FM 2021 and started off with Leicester. I picked them because I want to challenge the Big 6 and become a super club, regularly in the hunt for the big titles. (I'm a Yanited fan by the way)

I didn't set any transfer restrictions, as to do that would just be shooting myself in the foot. I mean, I used Genie scout to check the budgets of the 'Big 6' and whoof! Even as Leicester, it was clear I'd have to get very creative with player purchases if I'd have any success in my quest.

So, off I went.

I like to use a 2 3 2 1 2 formation: two center backs, two wing backs and a half back, then a deep lying playmaker and a BBM to fill in the midfield slots. Then I also use an AP as my Am, and partner my AF with a pressing forward (a no-brainer since I have one of the best pressing forwards)

I'm at the start of the second season now, so I'll just post some pictures to bring you up to speed.

Screenshot (42).png

Yes, that's how last season ended. ;) As you can see, we had a crappy start in the league but finished with 91 points!!! Still not enough to win the league though (A certain Liverpool won it)

Working now, so I'll update the thread later with my last season's transfers ( prepare for some surprises ), my tactics, league table and the top goal scorer chart.
Hi guys.

So, this is going to be a bit of a long post.

Let's get right to it.

First, here are my tactics (it's evolved from what I used last season)

Screenshot (45).png

And here's the rest of it

Screenshot (46).png

Screenshot (47).png

Screenshot (48).png

As you can see, my CMS are generally oriented towards attacking the opponent's midfield and drawing them out of position. Here's the thing; I love giving my players a fair amount of individual instructions. I want everyone to know their jobs, without any doubt.

The mezzala already runs wide with the ball, forming a 2v1 with my LWB on the left flank. But then I realised my attacking midfielder wasn't playing so well (I expect a fair amount of goals and assists from that position).

So, I decided to give my BBM the instruction to run wide with the ball. So, this creates a 2v1 on both sides of the pitch. It also helps that my attacking midfielder has 'Roam from position', as his role is one that demands the ball. As a result, he is naturally drawn to any side the ball is on, creating a 3v1 or 3v2 on that flank.

What this then does is to leave the other flank free with 2 men for a switch (usually by my am or the half back). Though, if the switch is coming from the left to the right flank, my BBM tends to wait in the center of the pitch, receive the ball then run into the half space. Or if the ball falls to the RWB, the BBM merely positions himself as a passing option or provides a decoy run forward, giving the RWB the option to either progress with the ball down the flank himself, or give the ball to the BBM and rum ahead for a give and go.

Enough talk about tactics!! 🙂

Here's my final league position last season;

Screenshot (49).png

So, even though my tactic might look a bit risky defensively, we still conceded the least goals last season bar the Manchester Clubs. I guess this also shows that the defensive strength of the teams are quite similar, which in my book is already a massive achievement.

So, for the transfers. I said to expect crazy stuff, well, here you go:

Screenshot (52).png

Now, let me explain some of them. My transfer update was made days before camavinga left for Madrid, which is why I was able to get him cheaply from Rennes. Even in the game, his status was set to 'Frt'.

The highlighted transfers were made at the beginning of my first season and during the Winter transfer period. Most of my transfers were also structred to be payable over a period of three years, so I could get as many players as I needed in.

As for the departures; Schmeicel hates my guts because I basically forced him out of the club. I wasn't going to, but then I saw Livakovic and decided to go for him. Schmeicel kicked up a fuss, I got ****** and showed him who's boss :cool::cool:

Greenwood scored over 40 odd goals for me on loan last year, so bringing him in this year was my top priority.

Screenshot (53).png

Ward Prowse was an impulse buy, but then I felt he'd be a good fit for the BBM role, which of course he is.

Screenshot (54).png

Then check out his set-pieces. I mean, I know he's good, but I didn't know he's THAT good. Needless to say, he's on point for set pieces for me, and he's already delivered 2 assist from two gorgeous corner kicks.

Then for the crazy transfer window

Screenshot (44).png

Yes, City have signed Kane. I guess that puts paid to my EPL ambitions. But then again, Ranieri won the league with lesser superstars than I have, so I've always got a chance, I think.


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The transfer window is over and we can finally get to the good stuff.

We had a bit of a scary start to the season in all competitions, but we scaled through impressively.

Screenshot (57).png

The obvious highlights; Beating Yanited twice in the space of a week, hammering Madrid in our first champions league match, and taking a point from Anfield ( and a clean sheet too!!!!)

Of course, we've won two trophies already, but we're gunning for more!

That last game was totally my fault. Losing 4 1 at home to Fulham was avoidable, but I had to play a team half filled with U-18s and an unhappy right back who eventually scored an own goal in the game :confused::confused:

So for two straight seasons, we're out early from the EFL cup. Quite irritating, I must say.

But we forge ahead.

We're presently in terrific form, and the league table shows that;

Screenshot (58).png

A certain Mason is also joint top of the scoring charts...

Screenshot (59).png

Here are our next games;

Screenshot (60).png

We have a chance at revenge on Fulham for that hiding, but thats not till December.

How many points do you think we'd get in the league?

Ah, lest I forget, here's our UCL group;

Screenshot (61).png

I don't know about you, but I think we have a pretty good chance of qualifying as group winners....

Again, how many league points do you think we'll get?