Overachieving with Crystal P. 4-3-3 DM Wide


Nov 25, 2014
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I made a tactic for Crystal Palace and i think is pretty OP and i want other people to try it.
I will post the tactic, first season results,table standings and transfers.

I will answer other questions if you guys have.

tactic overview.png
first season results part 1.jpg
S1 results part 1.jpg
Transfers S1.jpg
Table S1.jpg
Season 2 results.jpg
Transfers S2.jpg
Table S2.jpg
tactic overview.pngfirst season results part 1.jpgS1 results part 1.jpgTransfers S1.jpgTable S1.jpgSeason 2 results.jpgTransfers S2.jpgTable S2.jpg

I also won EFL Cup first Seson.
I don't use OP instructions.

Sometimes,when playing bigger teams(City,Liverpool,Arsenal) i tick Pass into Space instructions when playing the match and i see i don't have shot's on target.

Striker(Leonardo scored 28 all comp first season) and IF have like 10+ goals .
Midlefielders also score goals.
Only the CD can't seem to have good ratings.

Sorry for any mistakes i made when i wrote this.

If you have questions i will gladly answer.


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Hi! So far it seems really good, but my left Fullback is quite more attacking-minded than the right one - so I was thinking to mirror it.
Anything to keep in mind? Thinking to swap midfielders aswell
I think if you change that you should also putt the mezzalla on the right side! Mirror all side not only the LB !
Post some results if you can !
Soon i change S2 and i will post how it worked !