Oxford United


Jun 3, 2011
Going to see how far I can get with Oxford United, chose them as I am a Brighton fan and one of our biggest prospects (Jake Forster-Caskey) is on loan for the 2012/13 season!!!


1. Péter Kurucz
Westham United
Loan (Paying 1.4k of the 3.5k)
Solid goalkeeper,
Good mental stats (High composure, concentration and decisions)

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2. Lloyd James
Defensive Midfielder
Colchester United
Nothing special but all the stats you need
Over average passing, tekkers and first touch

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3. Alex Kacaniklic
Left Winger
Loan (0% wages)
Position I had no quality in,
Nothing to loose as paying no wages,
Good stats for a winger; dribbling, pace, creativity

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4. Christian Ribeiro
Right Back
Free Agent
Can play all along the back,
Only 21,
Solid all round with 19 stats that are 11 or more

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Jun 3, 2011

Oxford 1-0 Oxford Reserves
Competition: Friendly
Attendance: 0
MOTM: Dean Smalley
Smalley 8'

Oxford 1-2 Colchester
Competition: Friendly
Attendance: 2,401
MOTM: Tom Bender
Pittman 7', Bender 46', & 55'

Newport Co 0-0 Oxford
Competition: Friendly
Attendance: 1,128
MOTM: Damian Batt

Oxford 1-0 Portsmouth
Competition: Friendly
Attendance: 3,329
MOTM: Harry Worley
Duberry 71'

Oxford 1-3 Stoke
Competition: Friendly
Attendance: 4,417
MOTM: Kenwyne Jones
Leven pen 27', Jerome 10', Jones 41' & 65'

Oxford 1-3 Brighton
Competition: Friendly
Attendance: 2,682
MOTM: Craig Noone
Constable 34', Hall 10', Noone 23' & 84'

Oxford City 2-2 Oxford
Competition: Friendly
Attendance: 1,683
MOTM: Dean Smalley
Scorers: Aaron Woodley 65', Lawton 80', Smalley 18' & 31'

Quite disappointed as we only had one win other than against our reserves but not pleased to beat a higher division side in Portsmouth even if they have no players.

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Man of Pre-season: Dean Smalley
3 Goals, 1 Assist, 2 Man of the match. Say no more.

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Jun 3, 2011


Oxford 5-0 Torquay
Competition: Npower League 2
Attendance: 8,482
MOTM: James Constable
Scorers: Wright 20', Leven 48', Constable 78', 9+1' & Smalley 88'

Oxford 3-0 Watford
Competition: Capital One Cup 1st Round
Attendance: 4,999

MOTM: Jake Forster-Caskey
Scorers: Forster-Caskey 10', Constable 17' & Doyley OG 85'

Morecambe 1-3 Oxford
Competition: Npower League 2
Attendance: 3,944
MOTM: Jake Forster-Caskey
Scorers: Kurucz OG 88', Forster-Caskey 22', Potter 35' & Constable 53'

Rochdale 1-2 Oxford
Competition: Npower League 2
Attendance: 3,196
MOTM: Peter Leven
Scorers: Barry-Murphy 90', Smalley 38' & Constable 47'

Oxford 4-0 Exeter
Competition: Npower League 2
Attendance: 8,722
MOTM: Deane Smalley
Scorers: Forster-Caskey 4', Leven 19', Smalley 34' & Constable 37'

Oxford 1-1 (1-2 AET) Burnley
Competition: Capital One Cup 2nd Round
Attendance: 5,499
MOTM: Deane Marney
Scorers: Trippier OG 12', Marney 31' & MacDonald 105+1'

Cheltenham 0-0 Oxford
Competition: Npower League 2
Attendance: 4,199
MOTM: Scott Brown (Their GK, bit annoying)

Oxford 2-0 Torquay
Competition: Johnstone's Paint Trophy South 1st Round
Attendance: 1,892
MOTM: Jake Wright
Scorers: Wright 59' & Batt 73'


Manager of the month:
1st: Finlay Carr-Hopkins (ME), Oxford
2nd: Mickey Mellon, Fleetwood
3rd: John Sheridan, Chesterfield

Player of the month:
1st: Andrew Davies, Centre Back, Bradford, 4 Goals in 5 Games
2nd: Kyel Reid, Left Midfielder, Bradford, 8 Assists in 5 Games
3rd: James Constable, Striker, Oxford, 5 Goals in 5 Games

Young player of the month:
1st: Ashley Chambers, Striker/ Right Midfielder, York, 3 Goals in 5 Games
2nd: Michael Richardson, Central Midfielder, Fleetwood, 1 Goal & 2 Assists in 5 Games
3rd: Danny Andrew, Left Back, Cheltenham, 2 Assists in 5 Games

Team Stats

Goals: Joint top with York, 14
Conceded: Joint least with Chesterfield & Gillingham, 2
Average Attendance: 2nd, 8602
Away Form: 3rd, WWD

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Player Stats

Average Rating:
Deane Smalley, 1st, 8.13
Peter Leven, 2nd, 8.10
James Constable, 5th, 7.78
Goals: James Constable, 1st, 5
Deane Smalley, 5th, 3
Assists: Peter Leven, 2nd, 4
Red Cards: Andrew Whing, 1st, 1

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Jun 3, 2011


Oxford 0-0 Southend
Competition: Npower League 2
Attendance: 8,650
MOTM: Jake Wright
Summary: Would've liked to get a win but we kept a clean sheet and our unbeaten record is still in tact.

Wycombe 0-0 Oxford
Competition: Npower League 2
Attendance: 4,410
MOTM: Grant Basey
Summary: Really disappointing result, especially as they had a red card in the 28th min. But nether the less we kept a clean sheet and we're still unbeaten.

York 1-2 Oxford
Competition: Npower League 2
Attendance: 3,177
MOTM: David McGurk
Scorers: McGurk 3', Forster-Caskey 1' & Constable 29'
Summary: First win in four game so very pleasing, good too see JFC getting on the scoresheet and Contable bagging another goal.

Oxford 3-1 Aldershot
Competition: Npower League 2
Attendance: 7,426
MOTM: Alfie Potter
Scorers: Potter 21', 57', Kacaniklic 90+2' & Wright OG 35'
Summary: Great to be scoring 3 goals that's all you want really, nice to see Potter picking up 2 goals and motm as he hasn't played too much so far.

Oxford 1-3 Barnet
Competition: Npower League 2
Attendance: 7,328
MOTM: Izale McLeod
Scorers: Forster-Caskey 51', Denehy 61', McLeod 71' & 82'
Summary: It being the first league loss of the season made it quite dissapointing, but the run had to end at some point. Luckily Fleetwoods run ended this day also.

League Table

Sitting in 2nd and relatively pleased with it, hopefully we can stay around here for the rest of the season and get auto-promotion, but we'll have to see.

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Player of the month:
1st: Rene Howe, Right Midfielder, Torquay, 3 goals in 5 games.
2nd: Wayne Brown, Central Midfielder, Bristol Rovers, 4 goals in 5 games.
3rd: Izale McLeod, Striker, Barnet, 4 goals in 5 games.

Young player of the month:
1st: Danny Andrew, Left Back, Cheltenham, solid 7.26 AR.
2nd: Louis Laing, Centre Back, Fleetwood, 7.24 AR and a goal.
3rd: Matty Whichelow, Left Midfielder, 2 goals in 5 games.

Team Stats

Form: 7th, DDWWL
Goals: 1st, 20
Conceded: 3rd, 7
Average Attendance: 2nd, 8121

Player Stats

Average Rating: Peter Leven, 1st, 7.56
Goals: James Constable, joint 1st, 6
Assists: Peter Leven, 2nd, 6
Tackles/Game: Christian Ribiero, 1st, 6.27


Oct 7, 2011
nice story mate ive been to see oxford a few times when they played at the manor ground, will be following.