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Ozwin's Championship Player Update.

Aug 16, 2009
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What's going on?

Hey FM-Base, I've decided I'm going to edit some of the Championship players who I feel are slightly underrated on FM 2011, now I'm not going to make players ridiculously good or anything like that but I will up certain attributes which I feel aren't high enough to make players competitive and more like their real selves, that includes changing CA and PA if needs be.

Being fair, Sports Interactive have got a lot of attributes spot on, but in my time on FM (way too long to think about haha) I have found a few, let's say anomalies with certain Championship players and this update is all about setting them right.


The one thing that annoys me most is that you'll do all the hard work getting out of the Championship and then when you reach the Premier League you literally cannot compete with the same team, you have to do lots and lots of rebuilding to be remotely competitive. In real life you'd have to do it with relitively the same side you went up with and a lot of the time teams do alright, look at Stoke/Wolves/West Brom/Blackpool etc.

What can I do?

This may be a Championship based update first and foremost, but if there are any players from other leagues which you feel need tweaking then please do post them here and I shall take a look and update if I feel there is reason to.

One more thing, just because this is called an update don't necesarilly assume I'm only UPdating players, sometimes players need attributes decreasing and I will try and see to any requests posted in here in that regard too.


I may support a team in the Championship and see teams come to our place most weeks, but I'm not a genius and I don't know every player so please do help me out if you can.

Thanks a lot, hope to generate some interest on here with your help.

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