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Aug 22, 2011
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Hi, I'm currently playing a game with the Paraguay squad, but as not many competitiions have been selected, I'm having a hard time finding a squad with a suitable tactic for the WC 2014 (there are only 57 players who can play for Paraguay).

- The teams in the group fase are not much stronger, so an attacking tactic is an option.
- I have only two backs (one for each side) who are strong enough to play in the team (left one attacking, right one defensive), so a tactic with no backs would be great if possible.
- My LM/RM's are better than my LAM/RAM's, and play best as a winger.
- Most of my strikers are not very fast.
- I have strong AMC's and CM's, but I dont have a lot of DM's who can play for Paraguay.

I hope someone can help me to find a tactic, and if possible, tell me which type of players suit this tactic well.
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