Pardew sacked as West Ham manager

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Aug 23, 2006
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West Ham announce manager Alan Pardew has been dismissed after three years in charge.

crazy stuff,crazy. I thought that new guy was gona keep him aswell. Madness
Thats an absolute disgrace, a week after he said he wanted to keep him, i they go down.
WTF!? Thats not cool, he was alright and all
Your all idiots, If i just spent a good 85million on a club i wouldnt want a useless *** like Pardew taking my club and they way they have played all season has been nothing short of terrible.

I hope Sven or Curbishley gets the job and gets the best out of Tevez.
whys it so shocking, West Ham are 18th and its almost Xmas. H ewas on the verge of being sacked at the start of last season as well.
Meh its a matter of opinion. To me two good years (promotion, then a mid-table finish and an FA cup final with a half-decent team doesn't warrant a sacking after 3 poor months. And i was also making the point that this Captain Birdseye or wateva said he would keep Pardew

I hope Sven or Curbishley gets the job and gets the best out of Tevez.

C'mon Kris, if Sven couldnt get the best out of a team with Gerrard,Lampard,Rooney etc, he's not gona get the best out of Tevez, thats b.s. He couldn't even get the best out of your mum and we all know how easy that is...
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Pardew just had to go. He had decent players like Tevez, Mascherano, Reo Coker and Ferdinand (apparently, I've never seen anything special from him but others rave about him) all under performing. They have a team of potential if they can hold on to them.

The excuses had wore thin and they worst vs Bolton than before.

They are only four games out of the European places in an open season but with Pardew they were just getting worse. What would happen IF they got SWP and he turned out to be the same as the others who are under performing? They need someone capable of getting the best out of this squad and any future players who have quality. The timing was perfect.

The loss to Bolton was abject and the game at Man U would be expected to be a loss. So the board have to weeks if they believe they need a quick replacement. Personally, I don't think they have the full squad to get into Europe but if they believe they have they needed to act before that possibility was a distant memory.