Dec 25, 2010
Reaction score
So Giovinco and Candreva are on loan the first season and Parma starts with 11m euros and both of them will cost more than that.
In January Candreva has avarage score of 6.7 and Giovinco 7.3.
I tried to convince the chairman to get the players but he said Giovinco is an unrealistic target, even though i have an agreement buying him for 7m at the end of the season.

After convincing him to get Candreva, he took the matters into his own hand and bought him for 5.5m.
Can i get Giovinco still after season, can the chairman be convinced at that time?
I really want Giovinco, more than Candreva, i basically have no real wingers except Giovinco and i have quite a few of midfielders.

But my biggest question is, what is the best tactics for using an attacking midfielder (who's main area is AM). ?
I always just put him behind 1 or 2 strikers but not sure how to fiddle with him.
Usually the players i have positioned there in my teams are Candreva,Jimenez and Giggs.