May 10, 2012
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Hey guys and welcome to my tactic I've recently been using whilst in charge of Newcastle. I've had some success with this winning the capital one cup, the fa cup and finishing 3rd in the league with basically the players Newcastle have in real with some additions but no one major. I've just finished my third season winning manager of the year and I'm hoping now the board will give me some money to buy some better players.

Heres the tactic's overview.

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Heres some big results and my league position.

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So as you can see, it has been ok so far, with better players, more luck on injuries, I reckon this will make me a title challenger with Newcastle next season.

Training: Basic training really with one week tactic, one week team cohesion on high, then when the season starts change it to fitness high or average. Change the slider to 40% until the season starts then hit it back down to 20 or 30%. Also use def.positioning.

I didnt use any shouts and left OI to my assistant. With team talks I kinda followed my assistant at the start at the game, half time if losing I went aggressive, winning keep it up, drawing for the fans. Praise for a win, aggressive if lost or drew when should of won, calm unlucky if lost or drew to big teams.

So yeah if you want to test it out then by all means go for it, just let me know how it goes, you can also tweak it and let me know if youve managed to improve it :)

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