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Jul 26, 2010
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Basically my idea is to mix my pass the parcel challenge with an online game!

To enter you need to find a team of players (3 or 4 players) who have a bit of experience of playing online games! If you can't find anyone i will assign people to teams!

What happens is we will have 3 teams entered and each team puts a player forward to play the 6 months online!

After this the next player from each team takes control of their teams manager and so on like the normal pass the parcel rules!

After each player in the team has played we must mix up the orders of who is playing for each team so they don't play against the same people from the opposite teams!

Does this all make sense?

If you want to enter find yourself people to play with or comment below that you are interested but a team is required!

All the best Saul ;)