Jun 21, 2009
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I don't know whether it's just me having ridiculous bad luck, or FM is out to take away my best players no matter what team for as long as possible!!

A while ago I had a liverpool save, Torres had a total injury chart in the first season of 16 injuries, and only played 18 games, gerrard also tore his hamstring at the start missing 2 months.

Recently I started an Everton one, we all know Cahill is the best player, 8 games in after playing well, torn hamstring out for 3 months!! Oh and lost Pienaar at the start of the season for exactly the same thing, 2 months.

Anyone else having problems with injuries?
Hardly had any. Check your training schedules and how much rest you give your players. Or just terrible luck.
No not really, in fact I think I've only ever had one major one.

Alan Dzagoev out for 3 to 4 weeks, can't remember what for though.
Training schedule is quite light, and I regulalry rotate players and give as much rest as possible

So annoying
On my game Rodwell got a serious viral infection and was out for 7 months
On barca before the season started I had:

messi out for 6 months
villa out for 3 months
xavi out for 3-4 months
iniesta out for 3 weeks

In the rest of the season I had busquests out a few times with 3+ week injuries, valdes out twice with a double hernia for 7 weeks, plus many more injuries (max 2-3 weeks) to virtually everyone in the squad. Training set at medium.

I assume it was just bad luck.
I got that, but I'm guessing it was sheer bad luck... Never had many injuries until installing the patch, and a game week later, I had like 4-5 injuries, two of which were serious... Same thing with open goals, haha, I've been missing every open goal since 11.2...
But then again, that's what I love about fm, even after all these years it keeps cracking my head as I try to figure out how to solve all these issues=)
Not having any problems with injuries at all. Red cards and missed pens on the other hand, now thats a different story.
It started happening to me immediately after installing the patch, so I reckon there's a few bugs with it.
Pato's been getting injured for me as well but i believe that's just my training since the workload is quite heavy. (I get my money's worth out of him in between so i don't really mind :D 8.70 Avg Rating's are amazing, hat-trick every other game)
Im Everton as well and im constantly with out half of my players. and they are all during a match :'(

Anyone else been getting a lot of sendings off on this patch because its riduculus how many of them ive been getting
Not really a big problem, but what I've noticed is that when I have multiple injuries, most of them tend to be in the same area(defense/midfield/attack).
Not really a big problem, but what I've noticed is that when I have multiple injuries, most of them tend to be in the same area(defense/midfield/attack).

For me only my Forwards seem to ever get injured >_>

I have Lukaku and Pato out leaving Gaitan and Lucas covering both my ST spots.
I had very much injury problems and im using that patch. 1 thing i have also noticed is that i miss so ******** much penalties :(
after losing Pienaar and Cahill

I since lost Rodwell for 8 weeks, Arteta for 6 weeks and fellaini for 6 weeks as well lol
the only change to injuries in the match was that injury prone players were more likely to pick up niggly injuries
I've also noticed you seem to get a ridiculous amount of injuries when players go on international duty.
The only thing different that's happening to me with this new patch is scoring own goals from my team.
With this patch i managed to sign Pato for 26million with Benfica so im happy with it :D

Even though Aurier has has 2 red cards
Pato is nearly always injured
In my Everton season, Saha, Yakubu and Beckford all got injured in 1 game. Saha was out for 3-4 months, Yak was out for 7-8 weeks and Beckford was out for 7 months! Luckily I had bought Donovan and Kadlec at beginning of the season.