Nov 22, 2009
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I've downloaded the latest patch 11.2 I downloaded the Russian Version as I initially installed the game using the Russian Version Obviously when I downloaded the patch it changed the game to Russian when I get into the preferences menu I can't change the language to English.

I've also tried downloading the english version but i've had problems with that I keep getting the " disc error " menu!!
Wait a min.......did you buy yours or download it illegally......:S
Oh ok that sorts things out.

Use the russian patch.
Yeah I have used the russian patch but it changes the language to Russian and I can't change it back to English
It's clearly a pirate version of the game, to fix your issue you will need to go and buy the original game.
if you bought the game legally you can link it to steam without buying it on steam, that will autoupdate you and if you set the steam language as english it might set the games to it? apart from that idk sorry.
I had to uninstall and re=install the game again :( I've just downloaded the patch again where abouts do I extract it to exactly?
Just download and install the English language file.