Feb 8, 2011
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im going to download the level 11 on SI Games , it says it will only work on 11.2 patch and above , when my game comes , ipresume it will be just normal 11.0

how do i download the 11.2 patch and is it safe ? and where wouldi get it from
are you using steam? if yes then you will have the latest patch. If no then simply typing it into google will give you multiple options to choose from
haven't you checked "Transfer Updates" -> "Official Patches" at the top of this page?
i dont know if im using steam , game hasnt come yet and have never player FM before , it brand new if that helps ?
well since you are buying the DVD version you have the choice of using steam or not. I personally would and would recommend you do too since you won't have to mess around downloading patches yourself, it will do it all for you
ahh what a babe of a system , so ittl be easier for me to download level 11