Pato offer help/advice needed!!!


Aug 19, 2010
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hi im playin as milan fm11 i have just started my second season and man city put in a mega €80m euro deal which i flat rejected since then they have sent me enquiries 3 times for him to which i rejected as not for sale, still 2months on man city still pursues him and keeps asking for him, shud i counter with €100m plus 25% sell on clause and make it non negotiable?? and if city do succumb to this shud in take teh money and reinvest in my squad or refuse to sell him?? your opinions or advice peeps??
The Deal or No Deal thread :)

try countering even more than that, you clearly do not want him to go so set his transfer status to say 100m and say reject all other offers, so you wont even be bothered by them :)
I will counter even better if man city come in again i will say €130m non negotiable the player is on a long term deal and hasnt expressed a desire to leave or even to talk to man city but i know €130m is big money an can secure funds to bring in 3/4 top quality players to add to the squad my logic is thus if i sell pato for that i can:

a) approach santos for neymar who i am confident i could land for around €30m
b) go for nuri sahin who could cost around €20m
c) although i have good centre backs in silva, miranda, astori, bonera, papasthapolopulous and nesta i cud look at subotic again eh cud cost around €24m, then off load bonera or papa.
d) reinforce the team with a world class keeper i have sirigu who is good and probably gets better years on i have abbiati as back up is this a position needing reinforcing??

any ideas peeps this cash could allow me the chance to re build my team with young talented footballers who woudl give years of service!

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ps forgot to add i could go for ganso aswell he would cost around €20m
Well if you can get around 100-120m then sell.

Replace him with Hulk or Neymar and then buy Adler (17.5m release clause at start atleast ) and Ganso.

In defence you are quite well covered but who do you have as LB and RB?
tahnk you quasit i ahve didac vila and luca antonini at left back and gregory van der wiel and zambrotta at rb altho i can use bonera at rb when needed.

i must add i got javier pastore for just €12m euro as palermo wanted simone verdi a hot young striker in the youth ranks my assistant an scouts all sed he has the potential to be a quality player but i am well covered upfront for now so i said to palermo i will give you €12m plus verdi for pastore and they accepted!.

i will look at adler he seems a good keeper i have sirigu who is also good and has good potential, my assistant feedback told me midfield was the weakest area so im looking at good midfielders for a decent price, a few are nuri sahin, claudio marchisio and a few i cant think of at the top of my head.
I dont use the Euro currency so im not exactly sure how much that is but if its anything like 100 million then id sell personally, Pato is obviously a top striker but you could get any of Torres/Aguero/Neymar/Tevez etc for half the price and they all all just as good if not in some cases like Torres and Aguero better.
€120m is around £100m i think so i will tell city i want €130m flat out non negotiable this will test how much they want Pato!

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just to update i decided to keep Pato and reject any interest from Man City!