Nov 5, 2016
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U.C. Sampdoria board hire Paul Scholes in a shock move

View attachment 121807U.C. Sampdoria have sacked Marco Giampaolo and hired Manchester United Legend Paul Scholes

We have just received a confirmation from the board of Sampdoria that they have signed the Englishman Paul Scholes as their new Manager on a one year deal, with more details to follow soon. Paul Scholes has stepped down from his role of a Pundit on BT Sport with immediate effect. The hiring of Scholes has taken the footballing world by the storm and most are left scratching their head at how this happened without anyone catching a wind of this.

Stay tuned for more.
Interesting choice from an Italian team to go for someone like Paul Scholes! I'd be following to see how he gets on :)
Sampdoria TV Exclusive Interview

Exclusive interview with our new boss Paul Scholes

Sampdoria TV: Saluti! (Greetings) Welcome to our club gaffer, we are happy to have you here!

Scholes: Grazie! Thank you, I am happy to have been given this chance to be here.

Sampdoria TV: The first thing that everyone is waiting to find out is how did this come to be? Had you been preparing for this job for a while now?

Scholes: To be honest it all happened very quickly, I was actually holidaying in this beautiful country of yours with the missus and the kids when the chairman got in touch with me, and things just moved very quickly from there. I had done my coaching badges to the A level previously partly because I love this game too much and this allowed me to spend even more time with it and partly because somewhere in the back of my mind I always fancied trying my hand at management, after all I had the privilege of working with the greatest manager this game has ever seen.

Sampdoria TV: Many people are intrigued that you moved to a league where you don’t even speak the language and did not try your hand back home in the Championship or the Premier League.

Scholes: I was always clear about this; I wanted to move to a different league and develop my ideas about football and the way I want it to be played. As far as language goes, I don't consider it a barrier that will get in the way of me being able to successfully communicate with the players. When Ronnie first moved to United he had a translator with him every time the manager spoke with him, but the Boss was still able to get his ideas across wasn’t he? It’s either that or his translator should get a huge pay rise and become a head coach himself. (Smiles wryly) No, moving to a different league will only push me to think and analyse everything more and that will help me improve. This may or may not be a success, but it’s a challenge I am up for.

Sampdoria TV: What are your goals this season?

Scholes: I have arrived at the club at a time that coincides with the team narrowly avoiding relegation by two points and when more than fifteen players already have loans arranged for them which is not ideal. It isn’t ideal as I cannot evaluate how they fit in my plans till I get to work with them. Having said that the least I hope to do is stabilize the club and finish in a respectable position but I must stress that I believe managers need to be given more time than they are afforded currently in the game!

Sampdoria TV: Can we expect any forays into the transfer market any time soon?

Scholes: I don’t really wish to speak too much about the future, but what I will do is give every player the time to prove their worth to the team and that includes the youngsters.

Sampdoria Tv: Thank you for speaking with us, we would like to wish you all the best for the future.
Scholes: Cheers!
Italian media outrage!

Media turmoil for new boss Paul Scholes

Italian media have been left seething by Sampdoria's decision to cancel the traditional media introduction of the new manager Scholes. The decision seems to have been made by the Sampdoria board on the advice of Scholes who intimated them to the fact that he had a lot of work to do at the club and would only speak to the media when he was contractually bound to do the same. Paul Scholes has a history of avoiding speaking to the press as a player, shunning the attention and only concentrating on his game but many had assumed that after his role as a Pundit on television things might be different this time around.
Scholes ropes in friend and former colleague Vidic

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I want you!

In what seems to be the first addition to his coaching team, Paul Scholes appoints former team mate and pal Nemanja Vidic. The former Serbian centre back enjoyed a great spell of success at Manchester United before eventually moving on to Inter and then retiring.

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