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Oct 27, 2009
Before I start I would like to recommend you read the FM Walkthrough made by Ross95 before you begin to create a tactic. Thanks to Ross95 of course.
Link to Walkthrough:

Section 1: How can I made my team adapt to a tactic?
Well, the first thing I will make clear is that the tactic should adapt to your team and not the other way round! However, if you really prefer a tactic (which has got you success) then you will need to organize a few friendlies to help the team gel (if you have signed new player) and to help them to get used to the tactic. Remember, it is not recommeded that you do that.

Section 2: I can't choose who to play, help!
Okay, what I learnt whilst playing FM is that you should know what attributes are vital for which formation. I used to look at the overview, not the attributes and now I realise I was wrong. This is why: How useful is a defender with 20 Finishing but only 7 Marking, Heading and Tackling? Not very useful. Yes, it is useful for defenders to have good attacking attributes but what a good defender needs is good Marking, Tackling, Heading, Determination, etc.
Here is a list for what is vital for what position.
Goalkeepers: Handling, Reflexes, One on Ones, Decisions and Communication.
Defenders: Tackling, Marking, Heading, Determination and Strength.
Defensive Mids: Tackling, Marking,Strength, Workrate and Positioning.
Wingers: Crossing, Dribbling, Pace, Passing and First Touch (Not that important).
Midfielders: Passing, Creativity, Flair, Workrate and Crossing (Not that important).
Strikers/ Attacking Mids: Finishing, Technique, First Touch, Positioning, Composure and Concentration.

Section 3: Team Instructions
Aha, the hardest to do is this.
Mentality: It depends if you're a title/promotion challenger or a relegation battler. If you'e facing a superior team I would recommend you set this as defensive. If you're facing and inferior team then I would recommend you set this to attacking.
Creative Freedom: This should be lowered mostly except for a few team e.g. Arsenal who are very creative and you will be rewarded if you let them create freedom. If you make it go too high then everyone will probably go out of position and they will all be like "Ronaldo" as in selfish.
Passing style: If you have a formation like 4-3-3 Which has many strikers or you have a good target man/crosser then I would make it up. However, I always keep it in the middle :p.
Tempo: I would lower this for Lower League teams or team with poor stamina as they will tire easily if it is up. Also on higher tempo, the players will shoot more, even from harder angles. If on low tempo, then they will take their time and will only shoot at quite clear cut oppotunities.
Width: If you are playing a narrow formation, have a narrow stadium or your winger/full backs are not good , then set it to narrow. If you have a great taget man e.g. Crouch or have great crosser e.g. Srna then set this to wide. Simple.
Closing Down: Stamina is the key word for this. You will need stamina to do this but I recommend against team who have good longshooters that you put this up a little.
Time Wasting: I recommend that you set this to rarely as it can stop you from scoring many goals and you won't get that many chances. However, I have heard that people use this late in the game when they are ahead but personally, I don't know when to use it. Even if you do use it late in the game it can backfire on you: you could concede a late, late equaliser.
Defensive Line: When the opponent has speedy strikers you can either counter that by having quick defender or dropping the defensive line quite deep. For me, I am Cheltenham at he moment, this has worked amazingly, considering my defenders are not that good.
Tackling: Set this to normal because if you set it as "hard" you will get many cards and will concede penalties. If you set it as "easy" Then the opponent can easily skip past you. So keep it at "normal" for now.
The other things are very self-explanotory such as "use target man" and "play offside".

Player Instructions
Here is a guide to player instructions.
Mentality: Everyone's menatlities should be different: Goalkeepers should be "ultra defensive" strikers should be "all out attack" and so on.
Creative Freedom: Only change these for the playmaker e.g. Barca's Xavi and Iniesta should have this up but everyone else's should be the same as the "team instructions".
Passing Style: Same as team instructions.
Tempo: Same.
Width: Wingers should be wider and so should full backs although I keep this the same.
Closing Down: The defensive midfielder should have this quite high as it is his job to stop the long shots.
Time Wasting: Same.
Tackling: Same.
Others: You should give "Free role to your playmaker" e.g. Xavi and Hold up ball is best used with 1 striker who is big and strong.

Some screenies of the tactics I use with Cheltenham town. And a screenie of the "Player Instructions" of my best striker (Lukas Jutkiewicz).
View attachment 20960
Player Instructions

View attachment 20961
Team Instructions

Please follow my Cheltenham Town story:

Or upload my Cheltenham Town Tactics:

Sorry for the VERY long post and hope you did not fall asleep reading it (6).
Jokes aside, Hope this helps and MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!
Feedback more than welcome.
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Apr 14, 2009
It's alright, but it's a bit jumbled and it's for FM09 so it won't help as many people. Still I'm sure it will help a few.


Oct 27, 2009
Yeah I now, thanks for commenting and when I get FM10 I will probably make one for that as well, might take a while to gett used to the "tactics creator" though.


Dec 3, 2008
It's alright, but it's a bit jumbled and it's for FM09 so it won't help as many people. Still I'm sure it will help a few.
Personally I think this tactic guide would help alot of people on FM10 this year. Tbh it gave me a clearer insight and understanding of tactic making e.g. there are flaws in my tactic i am using and this is think has helped alot. Good stuff Paul(H)

JP Woody

Jan 11, 2009
Is that the same Ross95 (websteross) who uploaded one of my tactics on here a while back and claimed it was his work?

Looks a good guide though.


Aug 18, 2012
how do create screenies ?

i wanted to attach some screeneies and how do i take them sounds scilly ? much appreciated and great tatic btw